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Pinterest Tip: How To Move, Copy and Delete Pins

Pinterest Tip How to move, copy and delete pins

Have you ever wanted to move pins from one board to another without the hassle of repinning each and every one? Have you ever wanted to copy a number of pins from one board to another without having to repin

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Pinterest Tip: How To Change Your Board Covers

Have you thought about ‘spring-cleaning’ your Pinterest account? One easy way to refresh all of your boards is to change the board covers. When others view your boards, they will see one dominant pin from each board and the four

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How to Market and Sell Your Non Fiction Book

How to market and sell your non fiction book

You have written your book, you’ve had it edited, you have hired a professional to design the cover art, you are going to sell it online on Amazon and Smashwords and you are have printed a substantial number or printed

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How To Use Twitter: Twitter Conversations

How to use twitter, twitter conversations

“I just don’t get twitter.” “I’ve been using twitter for a while and haven’t sold anything yet.” “I send about one tweet a week but haven’t had any response.” “It takes me ages to work out what to write in

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How To Schedule Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind

How to schedule pinterest pins with Tailwind

Scheduling your pins on Pinterest is good for business because: You should pin ‘little and often’ to maximise your exposure. Scheduling offers you flexibility and can save you time. If your target audience is in another time zone, scheduling is

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10 Tips For Writers On Using Twitter Effectively

10 Tips How Writers Should Use Twitter

I’m a huge fan of twitter for so many reasons. The main reason is I see it as being extremely effective in terms of sales and for today’s post, I am going to concentrate on how authors can use twitter

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How Authors Should Use Facebook

Facebook for Authors - why it is an essential tool

Authors are becoming more aware that they need to be using social media. Hearing tales of other authors missing out on publishing deals because the publishing house wanted them to have a loyal following not to mention hearing of writers

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Do You Take Weekends Off From Social Media?

Do You Take Weekends Away From Social Media

It’s ‘W’ in the #AtoZChallenge today. I admit I missed ‘V’. I had planned to do a post on verifying your Pinterest account but didn’t have time to write it up as it needed a lot of screenshots. I was

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Twitter – How To Get The New Look

It’s ‘T’ in the #AtoZChallenge and have you noticed the difference in twitter? If you haven’t got the new twitter look yet and would like to, go to this page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click

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Why Self Publishing Authors Should Use Social Media

Why self publishers should use social media

It’s the turn of “S” in the #AtoZChallenge. ¬†As many of you may know, I went on a self publishing adventure last year and included some of my learning experiences in this post: Tips for Self Publishing Your Book. One

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