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Pinterest pin Pinterest has made quite a few changes recently and as other Pinteresters have explained them so well in their blog posts, I’m going to do a curated Pinterest post here, sharing some of the best explanations with you. As you will see from these links, Pinterest is becoming an increasingly influential social media tool for all types of businesses.

How to use Pinterest Guided Search

This video by Pinterest shows how guided search can be used by consumers to discover new things, have fun, be inspired, collect ideas and learn. As businesses, it is all about working out how their use of guided search can help them to find you as well as establishing how your pins and descriptions will make them feel. What experience are you giving them on Pinterest? How will they remember you?

Vincent at McNGMarketing explains how businesses can use guided search. It’s interesting to think that Pinterest may soon be used by tourists to plan an itinerary when visiting an area. There’s lots more potential for business growth too.

This post explains how guided search may mean that Pinterest is fast becoming Google’s biggest competitor particularly as it can now help people find what they are looking for especially when they aren’t sure what that is!


Reaching Your Target Audience

Sprout Social explains how you can reach various target audiences, from college goers to empty nesters and retirees, with appropriate content that they are interested in. They concentrate on financial brands in this post, showing how providing useful tips for different life situations can help them reach their audience.

This post by Profit Pinning explains how to showcase your staff and your customers to draw in more clients. It’s also relatively easy to demonstrate your family ethos and community involvement on Pinterest. People love a sense of nostalgia too so a board that celebrates the past in a visual way is sure to be a hit too.

This post shows 7 interesting ways that brands (and you) can reach your audience. What it shows is that those using Pinterest most successfully are showing how their product can fit into and improve a person’s lifestyle, even suggesting a dream lifestyle. We all know that people buy from people and the visual nature of Pinterest makes it so much easier to show the people working in the background behind your company, thereby reaching your target audience with human interest stories.

Small Business Trends shows how you can reach your local audience by using optimising your account for local search.


If you are still wondering if Pinterest is right for you, this post shows how it is sneaking up on twitter and facebook in terms of influence. This one explains how Pinterest is becoming essential for ecommerce success.

If you feel your pinning isn’t as effective as it might be, do enrol in our Pinterest Advanced online course where we show you how to turn browers into buyers, improve your pins, increase your repins, use the various Pinterest tools and analyse your analytics so you can build on your Pinterest strategy.

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  • marieennisoconnor

    This is such a useful round-up all things Pinterest. I am going to take my time and check out the tips. i keep saying I need to overhaul my boards and do more with my Pinterest account and once again you’ve given me the prompt I need.

    • http://www.writeontrack.ie Lorna Sixsmith

      Thanks Marie, I think we’re all a little like that with all our social media tools – I know Amanda has put up some cool tools that I keep meaning to try.

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Thank you Lorna for linking to my article. Greatly appreciated. I think it’s amazing how far Pinterest has come since we’ve both started. You’re a pioneer in the field, now if you happen to know how to get more men involved on Pinterest in the U.S. please do let me know. :)

  • http://www.greensideup.ie Dee Sewell

    Good links and as Vincent says, you really seem to have got the inside edge on Pinterest and I can see from my stats that it definitely drives traffic.

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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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