Pinterest Tutorial: How To Change A Pin’s Link

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Pinterest tutorial how to change the link on a pin I was recently asked how one might pin an image from facebook (this person hasn’t got a website as yet but has a good facebook page) and ensure it contains the link to one’s facebook page.

I’m going to do this post in two parts. Today’s post will show you how to add or alter a link on a pin.

If you upload a pin to pinterest (rather than pin it from a website) you will need to add the desired link in if you wish repinners and followers to go to your website or facebook page.  If you pin an image from Facebook, it will not necessarily contain the link to your facebook page so you will have to alter the link as described below.

In this example, I am pinning Irish businesses on Pinterest to a particular board. I have pinned an image from an Irish website but wish the link to go to their Pinterest page.  I need to copy the link from the Pinterest page as shown below:

  How to alter the link in a pin

I then went to the actual pin within my pins (click on your name at the top right and click on ‘pins’ in the drop down menu). Click on the pencil icon when you hover over the pin and a pop up box will come up.

Pinterest Tutorial - how to change a link in a pin

Delete the link that is there and paste in the new link. Click ‘save changes’ and that is it.

The process is the same if you upload an image from your computer and wish to add a link.

Every image you pin to Pinterest should have a link to your website (or facebook page etc). Otherwise, it isn’t doing your business much good. You are using social media platforms to drive traffic to your website so do ensure each pin has a link.

Do support Irish businesses by following my board ‘Irish businesses using Pinterest‘ and following the businesses on Pinterest.

I will explain how to pin an image from your facebook page in my next post.

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  • sam

    Hi, i tried but when i click the now link it says “Your domain has no activity on Pinterest at this time. Help Pinners easily share your content by integrating the Pin It button today!”
    why ?

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