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Tips for Twitter Success

Why do some people accumulate so many followers on twitter? What makes their 140 characters so interesting?  How do they manage to achieve so many retweets?  Is being a good tweeter something that one is born to do or can

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Twitter For Agricultural Companies – Yes or No?

5 Top Reasons Your Business Should Be On Twitter

I recently wrote a post on my Irish Farmerette blog that was rather tongue in cheek, all about what agricultural sales representatives need to do well in order to succeed with getting orders from farmers. From that came a conversation

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Why now is the best time ever for a small business

We would like to kick off this week with some encouragment for you if you are thinking of starting a small business, or you are already running one. USA Today in its ask the expert section recently published an article

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Public Speaking Tips

We’ve all been there – attended presentations that have effectively been ‘death by powerpoint’ or watched dizzily as a lecturer paced the length of the stage like a caged lion. What is it that makes a presentation successful? That people

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Top Tips – Getting Free PR From Your Blog


How can your blog work more effectively to generate more credibility, more brand awareness and more sales for your business? Yes, we all know blogging delivers in terms of improving your website’s search engine optimisation and thereby, improving the ranking

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Don’t miss out on this simple branding opportunity

This quick branding tip comes via Brian Jeffrey and I had one of those now why didn’t I think of that moments when I read it. When I’m presenting, the back of my laptop display is usually facing the audience, so I

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SME Top Predictions and Trends 2012

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Opportunity for business start-ups in Ireland

Are you in the early stages of starting your business? Would you like to feature your product on TV? Then this could be just the opportunity for you! RTE are filming the next series of  The Business with George Lee and

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Why Tweet at Conferences

I have been to four very different conferences lately and 3 of the 4 were not using twitter to its full beneficial use at all.  These three did not announce the hashtag, I had to ask what it was (one

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How to increase your Facebook Fans – Part 1

Have you set up a facebook business page and you are wondering how you can get more fans? Well, I’ve tried and tested a few different ways with my facebook page and will share my thoughts on various methods over

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