Thursday’s Tip: Using Pinterest To Boost Sales

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How to use pinterest to boost your sales Many businesses are using Pinterest and Valentine’s Day to boost sales – are you?

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can use Pinterest to boost your sales in February, using one of my own blog post pins as an example.

No matter what your business is – you could create a blog post to emphasise how your service or product can be used – either as an idea for a perfect date, an ideal recipe idea or a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Thousands of people are searching for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest – judging by the keywords in Pinterest’s Interests, they aren’t just looking for chocolates, engagement rings or roses.

A sample shows that while Valentine’s Ideas is a popular one, crafts for kids, table decorations, cards,clothing, recipes, baking and gifts are also highly searched keywords within Pinterest. Even centrepieces for Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular ones and I’d never have thought of searching for that!


Create a Valentine’s Day XXX board for your business – be it Valentine’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day Ideas, Valentine’s Day Designs or just plain Valentine’s Day.


Populate it with pins that are of interest to your target customers and add some of your own pins to it. Once you’ve done that (and don’t forget to ensure that the cover image is of one of your own products), bring that board to the top of your page so anyone looking at your account can see it.


However, don’t forget to move it to the bottom of the page on 15th February as otherwise your pinterest account will appear neglected!

My Valentine’s Pin

Valentine's_Day_pin I have to admit I was wondering how I could make the most of Valentine’s Day with my other business hat – that of my book Would You Marry A Farmer? I’m not the neatest when it comes to baking or making pretty crafts apart from the fact that it would take me a lot longer than the few days left before Valentine’s Day so trying to make farmer-inspired crafts was out!

I decided to write a blog post entitled ‘Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Farmers’ complete with both ideas and statistics, used Picmonkey to add a heart effect and some text to an image and that was it. I pinned it to my ‘Valentine’s Day’ pinterest board, made it the cover image and am ensuring that other pins within the board are of interest to my target market – in terms of gift ideas and of Valentine’s Day.

(Here’s an explanation showing how to add text to images using Picmonkey)

One thing to bear in mind – don’t provide all the information within the image or pin description, provide enough to pique their interest and encourage them to click through to your website to find out more. As I am using Article Rich Pins, the pin pulled up the metadescription of the blog post which encourages people to click through to the post without being too pushy. Naturally enough, there’s a call to action to purchase my book within the blog post.

Don’t forget to fill out the description for your board too using highly searched and relevant keywords. So many people are using Pinterest rather than Google now to search for gifts and ideas that you need to optimise your boards and your pins as much as possible with relevant keywords.

Our Pinterest for Beginners and our Blogging for Beginners eLearning courses start on Monday if you would like to learn more.

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  • Dee Sewell

    Hmmm you have me thinking! I’ve not written a valentine’s post before yet am sure there must be people looking for gift ideas for gardeners. Not sure if I’ll have time this year but will do for next. You’ve also reminded me a blogging calender might be useful with many of the holidays (St Patrick’s weekend etc) as topics. Your Valentine post made me chuckle, especially the jewellery in the wellie boot :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, St Patrick’s Day ideas for Pinterest coming up soon :) Just need to work on my own account first so I can provide it as one of the examples!
      From what I can see on Pinterest, Valentine’s Day searches go so much further than what you would expect, it’s not just chocolates and flowers at all.

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