How To Write Your ‘About Us’ Page

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how to write your about us page Your ‘About Us’ page can be your most popular page on your website or blog.  However, if it doesn’t impress, you may have lost a potential new customer.   How do you impress and yet not bore people by listing all your achievements?

  • Do Not Wax Lyrical: The secret is to keep it relatively short.  Do not use business jargon to impress but state exactly what you do in short sentences.
  • Let Your Personality Shine: Show your personality by providing a little personal information or including some humour. People buy from people and your future clients need to know a little bit more about you before they dial your number or email you.
  • Location, Location, Location: It may not be obvious from your website where you are based. If someone has arrived at your blog and are thinking of engaging you, they need to know if you are in the same country or state as they are.
  • Storytelling: If you have a story to tell, tell it!  If your story reveals your past successes and can demonstrate that you are the best person for a job, tell it!  If it reveals your personality and is relatively short, tell it!
  • It’s Not All About You: I know it is an ‘about us’ page but don’t forget your customer. As with all your blog posts and other pages, you need to consider your customers needs and wants. Why might they have visited your website and what might they want you to do?  They will have a particular need or problem that needs solving so address it.  For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you need to demonstrate that you not only sell fashionable clothes but you can help people to choose an outfit for a special occasion, complete with accessories.
  • Testimonials: Consider adding snippets from testimonials or a direct link to your testimonials page to reassure readers.
  • Encourage Following: Make it easy for visitors to contact you from the About Us page.  It is also a good idea to include links to your other social media platforms. They may not contact you today but they may follow you for a while and then decide once you have impressed them by your pinterest prowess or your facebook knowhow.

Potential clients check out your ‘About Us’ page if they have questions that need answering and if they are thinking of hiring you or buying your products. Ensure it helps you clinch the sale.

Writing your ‘About Us’ page is one of the lessons in our ‘Blog for your Business’ online course which starts on 30th September.  Do check it out if you would like to improve your business blog.

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  • dee Sewell

    I was about to respond that calls to action aren’t always relevant in posts and I don’t like using them in general however…. I’d literally just posted my latest one, went back and looked at it after reading this and found I could indeed add a call to action! Thanks for the prompt :-)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, even a chatty request asking for someone’s opinion is a call to action really – you’re inviting interaction which is what blogging is all about in many ways.
      I didn’t know about calls to action when I started blogging 6 years ago and used to wonder why people used to phone me with queries – but I’d never told them where to buy the product or how to find out more info ;)

  • Kieran Kelly

    Great post Lorna, thanks for sharing.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thanks Kieran, glad to hear you found it useful


    About us page not only describe you but it also describe the website/blog. You need to be more careful in adding something on your about us page.


    About us page must also contain the main keywords of your site so that its popularity must also reflect in the Google search results.

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