16 Articles – How To Run An Effective Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding How to maximise your success I ran my crowdfunding campaign July-August 2013 over 35 days. While I thought I was well informed and prepared starting it, I discovered it to be a steep learning curve and while it was successful, there were many aspects of my own campaign which could have been improved.

I love to see creative projects and start up businesses using crowdfunding to raise capital and start a dream. What many creators don’t realise is that the benefits of crowdfunding are so much more than financial. They also include gaining free press coverage, growing brand awareness, creating brand ambassadors, receiving feedback and more.

Only 44% of Kickstarter’s campaigns are successful and 74% of the Fundit’s campaigns reach success. There is much more to successful crowdfunding that one might imagine. If you are thinking of running a crowdfunding reward-based campaign, I hope you find my articles useful. We also run a two-week online course to prepare you to maximise your success.

1. How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign – exploring a successful campaign on Kickstarter and what made it work so well.

2. What I am learning about crowdfunding – Week one of my own campaign.

3. What I have learnt about crowdfunding - A description of my own learning curve during the campaign.

4. What I am learning about crowdfunding – Week 4 of my campaign

5. How to ensure your crowdfunding campaign is a success – the advantages of crowdfunding, which crowdfunding website should you use, the importance of community and social media, the advantages of a good video, guidelines for preparation and how appropriate rewards are crucial.

6. Interview with a successful crowdfunder – and her thoughts on the process.

7. It’s all in the Reward - Crowdfunding isn’t a charity, people expect something in return so the value that is perceived in your rewards is crucial to the campaign’s success.

8. The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding - the good, the bad and the ugly!

9. Why you should crowdfund for your self published book – My experiences of crowdfunding and the advantages that crowdfunding brings to a project such as a self pubished book.

10. Ten things to do before you launch your crowdfunding campaign – Much of the key to success is in the preparation.

11. Ten things you must do during your crowdfunding campaign – Running a campaign can be a lot of work and here’s ten essentials to maximise your success.

12. 5 Things you must do once your crowdfunding campaign is finished – It’s not a case of taking the money and running – there’s still some tasks to be completed.

13. 9 Advantages of Crowdfunding - crowdfunding isn’t just about financial rewards, there are many more advantages to it.

14. How to get your crowdfunding rewards right – how to ensure your crowdfunding rewards are valued by your target market.

15. How to plan a successful video for your crowdfunding campaign – The quality of your video is also crucial to the success of your campaign and this post outlines how to plan it properly.

16. 2 Noteworthy crowdfunding campaigns – What makes these campaigns so good?


If you are planning to crowdfund in the future, you may be interested in taking our  two week online course through our sister website We Teach Social whereby participants can learn exactly what they need to do to prepare for their crowdfunding campaign, what they need to do during it and when it is completed. I can also teach groups within a workshop setting – do contact me for details of same.

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