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10 Tips For Writers On Using Twitter Effectively

10 Tips How Writers Should Use Twitter

I’m a huge fan of twitter for so many reasons. The main reason is I see it as being extremely effective in terms of sales and for today’s post, I am going to concentrate on how authors can use twitter

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Do You Take Weekends Off From Social Media?

Do You Take Weekends Away From Social Media

It’s ‘W’ in the #AtoZChallenge today. I admit I missed ‘V’. I had planned to do a post on verifying your Pinterest account but didn’t have time to write it up as it needed a lot of screenshots. I was

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Why Self Publishing Authors Should Use Social Media

Why self publishers should use social media

It’s the turn of “S” in the #AtoZChallenge. ¬†As many of you may know, I went on a self publishing adventure last year and included some of my learning experiences in this post: Tips for Self Publishing Your Book. One

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Making Newsworthy Content for Your Social Media

How To Make Your Social Media Content Newsworthy

It is the turn of the letter ‘N’ in the #AtoZchallenge. Today’s topic is about being newsworthy. I don’t mean in the writing news articles sense but I am referring to your social media. How can you make your social

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How Journalists Might Find You and Your Business

It’s J of the #AtoZChallenge and today I’m exploring how you can help Journalists to find you and your business via your social media. Social media isn’t just about improving the SEO of your website, engaging with potential customers, driving

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Googling Your Own Name – What Do You Find?

It’s the turn of ‘G’ in the #AtoZChallenge and today I’m exploring the importance of ‘googling’ or searching for your own online existence in any of the search engines. Have you ever googled your own name? What did you find?

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What I’ve Learnt About Crowdfunding – Week 3

National PR for Crowdfunding Project

My crowdfunding project has been running for 3 weeks now with 2 weeks to go. It is on the Irish crowdfunding website FundIt which operates an ‘all or nothing’ principle which means that if a person’s target is not achieved,

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What Can Social Media Do For Businesses

What can social media do for your business

We all hear that social media can drive traffic to our websites, can build brand awareness, generate free press coverage, increase conversions – all except perhaps make us a cup of tea in the mornings! And yes, it can. However,

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Twitter For Agricultural Companies – Yes or No?

5 Top Reasons Your Business Should Be On Twitter

I recently wrote a post on my Irish Farmerette blog that was rather tongue in cheek, all about what agricultural sales representatives need to do well in order to succeed with getting orders from farmers. From that came a conversation

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Telling Your Business Story Via Your Social Media Reaps Rewards

Tell Your Business Story Via Social Media

I was struck by some of Bill Liao’s words at a Carlow Enterprise Board lunch on Thursday. Since I heard of coderdojo and started to bring my children to it, I’ve been an admirer of Bill and his philosophy on

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