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Is Your Business Ready For 2020?


Where will your business be in 2020? Have you plans for expansion, more staff, greater turnover, more sales? I have to admit that while I create plans for the year ahead, I’m not so good at setting goals for five

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How To Maximise The Chances Of People Remembering You

How You Make People Feel

People will forget what you said and did  but they will remember how you made them feel. I’ve heard this twice in as many weeks, the first time from Owen Fitzpatrick at the Charisma Bootcamp and the second time from

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Reluctant Speakers – Here’s How To Make Powerful Speeches

How to make powerful speeches

It’s R in the #AtoZchallenge and today I’m focusing on Reluctant Speakers. I used to be a reluctant speaker. It seems strange now but I was 29 when I delivered my first presentation. 29! I had gone all the way

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6 Tips – How Authors Should Use Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just about pretty images for wedding planners and party organisers.  Pinterest is about creating images that are beautiful, striking, attractive and images that lead to interesting content (although they also have to be visually attractive). Hence, Pinterest is

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How to Fulfil Your Business Goals in 2014

The new year always includes a focus on new year’s resolutions while TV advertising and supermarkets are keen to encourage us to join weight watcher classes, get fit and eat calorie reduced food. However, it is one thing to decide

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8 Reasons Why Authors Should Blog

It is really important that authors should blog – not just for preparation for writing but for so many other reasons. Blogging will grow your audience, increase book sales, hone your writing skills and make free press coverage much more

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How To Find Your Most Effective Pin in Google Analytics

We all hear that Pinterest is wonderfully successful for delivering traffic to websites and for generating sales but how do you know which pin was the most successful? Which types of pins are working best for you? Which repinner was

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What Can Social Media Do For Businesses

What can social media do for your business

We all hear that social media can drive traffic to our websites, can build brand awareness, generate free press coverage, increase conversions – all except perhaps make us a cup of tea in the mornings! And yes, it can. However,

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Increase Your Social Media Marketing Reach With Twilert


Want to increase your social media marketing reach? Then check out Twilert will send regular email updates of tweets containing  your brand name, your product name and any other keywords you sign up for. It is an effective way

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Why You Might Need A Content Creator

Why You Might Need Some Content Marketing

Your digital or online marketing strategy should include a blog.  The purpose of all your social media platforms (facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, google+) are to increase conversions and drive traffic to your website or into your bricks and mortar store.

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Learn How To Use Pinterest
Learn How To Use Pinterest

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