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Why Self Publishing Authors Should Use Social Media

Why self publishers should use social media

It’s the turn of “S” in the #AtoZChallenge. ¬†As many of you may know, I went on a self publishing adventure last year and included some of my learning experiences in this post: Tips for Self Publishing Your Book. One

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How Journalists Might Find You and Your Business

It’s J of the #AtoZChallenge and today I’m exploring how you can help Journalists to find you and your business via your social media. Social media isn’t just about improving the SEO of your website, engaging with potential customers, driving

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My Introduction to DIGITAL Media

It’s Day 4 of the #atozchallenge so it’s the turn of the letter D. My chosen word is ‘Digital’ and I thought I’d tell you about my introduction to digital media many moons ago. I had been teaching English in

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Telling Your Business Story Via Your Social Media Reaps Rewards

Tell Your Business Story Via Social Media

I was struck by some of Bill Liao’s words at a Carlow Enterprise Board lunch on Thursday. Since I heard of coderdojo and started to bring my children to it, I’ve been an admirer of Bill and his philosophy on

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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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