The Importance Of Using The Keyword Planner Tool

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It’s the turn of ‘K’ in the #AtoZChallenge and today I am showing you how to use the keyword planner tool, demonstrating why it is so important to use it on a regular basis. Using the right keywords in your website content and your blog posts can hugely influence the SEO of your website, determining how successful it is in terms of bringing more traffic to your site. You can read lots of articles about the value of short keywords and long tail keywords regarding which is best. Essentially though, it comes down to using keywords that people use to search and using similar keywords consistently.

If you would like to learn how to use the Google Keyword planner, this post of mine shows you how to use it in a step by step process and this post by Spiderworking is a video tutorial .

If a business wishes to bring more traffic to her website to book sewing classes, the google planner tool is really important to ascertain which are the most commonly searched for keywords – and are there any popular ones that she may not have thought of? Sewing lessons and sewing classes are the obvious ones but which is most popular? Which one should go in the page title or first paragraph?

When I searched for these terms, the tools threw up other ideas which were actually more popular in the monthly searches.

Using the Keyword Planner Tool

As you can see, within Ireland, ‘sewing classes’ is a more popular than ‘sewing lessons’ so the former should be used more within the website copy. Checking if one’s location is being searched for is a good idea too and we can see that ‘sewing classes dublin’ has even more searches. The two terms that surprised me (probably because I know so little about this area) were that ‘dressmaking courses’ is even more popular than ‘sewing classes’ and when I searched then for ‘sewing courses’ it yielded a result of 30 searches per month. ‘Sewing patterns’ was the one that surprised me and writing a blog post about sewing patterns would be a suggestion because while it will bring traffic that aren’t necessarily looking for lessons, they may require this business’s services in another way and it would certainly increase brand awareness too.

Another tip is to ensure that all the content on the website and blog are related in terms of genre – if a very different topic is introduced, it can confuse the search engine, people may arrive at the site because of the blog post on the other topic, such as foraging for mushrooms, and then they leave again straight away. That may seem an extreme example but it does happen. Keep content related and it will help its ranking so related topics for this business might include tutorials for altering a hem, sewing on buttons, altering a blouse, cutting a dressmaking pattern, fixing a sewing machine – all topics that will demonstrate the business person’s expertise and knowledge and convince potential customers that she will be the perfect teacher.

Do you use the keyword planner tool regularly when preparing for your blog posts?

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  • marieennisoconnor

    I don’t use it as much as I should Lorna! So I really appreciate the reminder here and the easy step-by-step guide. This A-Z series has been so helpful – thank you putting it together for us.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thanks Marie :) Another pinterest one coming up today :)

  • Amanda Webb

    Always a good to be reminded to do some SEO research and thanks for the inclusion. I have noticed however that for popular blog topics I tend to find that there is still a lot of competition (not listed in the app) for some keywords. For example, I used ‘visual storytelling’ as a recommendation from Keyword planner and have since noticed that a lot of the top social media blogs are also using it. Guess we’re all using Keyword planner!

    I think the way around this is to do a Google search and see who is ranking for it already and if you think you can beat them :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      True, I know what you mean – you are competing with them for the same keyword but at least you are using a keyword that people are searching for or you can choose another one. It’s not a perfect science is it – just a tool to help us improve and become more focused.

      • Amanda Webb

        I agree, it’s a great starting point :)

  • helen Jameson

    Hello! Some really good advice in your posts. I’m a A to Z minion, making the rounds and checking sites on the big list. Keep on blogging, baby!

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