Content Creation

What Does Content Creation Mean?

Content creation means that someone else writes your blog posts for you. Are you struggling to think of ideas for content for your blog? Trying to phrase your messages in different ways? Not sure if your calls to action are turning people away?  Are you finding it hard to find the time to devote to your blog?

Lots of business people outsource some of their social media work. Sometimes they outsource it because no one in-house has the skills. Sometimes the reason is a shortage. Writing a good blog post can take a couple of hours. Hiring an experienced writer means the job gets done consistently and to a high standard.

How To Get More Traffic / Sales

Lorna Sixsmith - Write on Track Regularly updated and relevant content on your website is the answer. Your website needs good content to keep readers and potential buyers on your site.  If visitors read and view photographs, clicking from one page to another, signing up to your newsletter, commenting on your blog, pinning a blog post – they are much more likely to engage more, to purchase from you and to return to your website again at a later date.  Regular content using highly searched keywords will ensure that your website features more highly in searches and will increase the traffic to your website.

Google and the other search engines recognise if a website is offering good content and reward it accordingly by giving it a higher ranking. Getting to the first page of google is very possible if you offer interesting content with optimised keywords.

Creating good content takes time and you are busy running your business.  If you wish, you can outsource your writing of regular content on your blog to us at Write on Track – whether you want two posts a month or three posts a week.  Sales will increase with relevant and well written calls to action.

What We Can Do:

Write on Track can create content for your website whether you are looking for a copywriter for your website pages on a one-off basis or for regular blog posts.  We write blog posts for some clients twice a week and for others twice a month.  We will meet with you to discuss content and strategy going forward and we will also evaluate success to date. We will communicate regularly with you by phone or email.  If you would like to contact us to discuss your copywriting requirements, please do so at or telephone on 086 1051007.


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Buy 365 Social Media Tips on Amazon
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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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