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Tips for Twitter Success

Why do some people accumulate so many followers on twitter? What makes their 140 characters so interesting?  How do they manage to achieve so many retweets?  Is being a good tweeter something that one is born to do or can

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How To Write Your ‘About Us’ Page

Your ‘About Us’ page can be your most popular page on your website or blog.  However, if it doesn’t impress, you may have lost a potential new customer.   How do you impress and yet not bore people by listing

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The New Google Keyword Planner – how to use it for your own social media

Part of the success of social media relies on using words that people are using when searching  on search engines.  While I would never recommend cramming relevant keywords into a blog post or a facebook update, it is important that

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Why You Might Need A Content Creator

Why You Might Need Some Content Marketing

Your digital or online marketing strategy should include a blog.  The purpose of all your social media platforms (facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, google+) are to increase conversions and drive traffic to your website or into your bricks and mortar store.

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Blog Tip Tuesday – How to Add An Image To The Blog Sidebar

Blog Tip Tuesday: How to add an image to the sidebar of your blog

Having a picture of yourself on your website or business blog helps to build the relationship between you and potential customers, particularly if it is a smiling one of you!  Many of us shy away from having our photos taken

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Twitter For Agricultural Companies – Yes or No?

5 Top Reasons Your Business Should Be On Twitter

I recently wrote a post on my Irish Farmerette blog that was rather tongue in cheek, all about what agricultural sales representatives need to do well in order to succeed with getting orders from farmers. From that came a conversation

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10 Reasons Why People May Not Be Reading Your Blog

10 Reasons Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

Did you start blogging recently or perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while and your readership has dried up or perhaps it never got going in the first place?  Getting traffic to a business blog isn’t a case of just

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What is Vine? How to Embed Vine into your WordPress Blog or Website

How to Embed Vine in Wordpress blog

Have you tried Vine yet? Owned by twitter, it allows you to create really quick 6 second video stories and it is so so easy to use. The videos go around in a loop, there is no need for editing.

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Blogging Tutorial – How To Install Plug-ins

How to install plug-ins in your wordpress blog

Installing plug-ins is easy to do – once you know how! Plugins aren’t available on wordpress hosted blogs but are on self hosted wordpress websites and blogs and they are well worth having,although installing too many can really slow down

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What Stops You Blogging? 10 Stumbling Blocks & 30 Ways to Overcome Them

What Stops Your Blogging?

While preparing content for a blogging course, I recently asked this question on our Facebook page: What is it that you find difficult in starting and maintaining a blog? Is it … 1. Bloggers Block – staring at a blank

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