Pinterest Tutorial – Why You Should Set Your Pinterest Board Covers

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Have you noticed a change amongst your Pinterest boards?

Why You should Set Your Pinterest Board Covers Pinterest seems to have set people’s board covers automatically so if you haven’t set your own board covers, Pinterest will have set the board cover to the first pin ever pinned on that board.

You should check your boards page and have a look at the dominant image. Consider the following points and perhaps you need to alter it.

  • Is it a good representation of that board?
  • If it is a very full board with lots of images, having the first pin as the board cover may mean it looks outdated.
  • The board cover only shows part of the image (you can pull it up or down when selecting the board cover so the optimal part is displayed) so perhaps the pin isn’t shown to its best advantage.
  • Is it a colourful, vibrant image? Would it encourage others to follow that board? If not, change it.
You can see  that the board covers above are not ideal, the photos aren’t centred or the main aspect of the photo is not visible and they don’t necessarily showcase the contents of the board in the best light.
The covers below are much better – the photos showcase the theme of the board and are much more attractive.

Check out our post ‘How and Why – Setting Your Pinterest Board Covers‘ too if you’d like to find out how to select the board covers quickly and easily.

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  • Delia@eosgrafx

    Great tips, Lorna! Definitely helpful to choose a relevant and really good image for your Pinterest cover board. It has to be representative for that board to entice people to click through. Making a parallel, almost like a banner for your website :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Hi Delia, yes, I like that comparison, it really reflects your whole board/brand

  • Irma Guzman

    Really an interesting post Lorna! At first, I didn’t pay attention to this, but later I realized the importance of having an attractive cover, especially if you are a business owner and if you want to show your products on Pinterest, the first impression ( or board cover) is what really matters. :)

  • Chill out

    It’s really not that serious

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