Business Start Ups

If you are starting out in business, you will need support in many ways – from how to do your books to banking, from your logo design to your website and social media. You have heard that social media can be effective, your advertising budget may be limited and you want to get the most reach for what you spend. Trying to work out which social media platforms to utilize can be a headache particularly if you’re not sure what you are doing.

We offer two sessions of social media training with email/telephone support in order to help you get started with whichever social media platforms are best for your individual business. Lorna will show you how to get the most from your website, how to grow your fan base and your community and ultimately how to increase sales.  By working with Lorna to create a social media strategy, you are then equipped to make the most of those platforms and grow your fan base and your sales.

Contact Lorna at or on 086 1051007  to book your first session.

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Learn How To Use Pinterest
Learn How To Use Pinterest

We now teach Pinterest courses online. Click the image to see the course details and book your place.