How To Add A Pinterest Widget To A Blogspot Blog

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It’s a little trickier than you might think to add a ‘follow me on Pinterest’ widget to the sidebar of your blogspot blog. If you’re puzzling over it, I hope you find this tutorial useful. Placing a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ widget on the sidebar of your blog means your blog readers are more likely to follow you on Pinterest too.

How to add a Pinterest Widget to a blogspot blog

1. Build the Widget here. Choose the ‘follow me’ widget and paste in the address for your own Pinterest account.

How to install a Pinterest Widget in blogspot

Type in the text you want in the widget. I’ve used ‘Follow Lorna on Pinterest’ and click ‘Build It’.

2. Copy the html code provided in the box below.

how to install a Pinterest widget in blogspot

3. Go to Layout and click ‘add a Gadget. Blogspot has a number of gadgets available but for Pinterest to work, you need to paste in the code from the box above.

4. Under ‘Basics’ scroll down to find the ‘HTML / JavaScript’ option and click on it.

How to add a Pinterest Widget to Blogspot

5. Paste in the code.

How to add the Pinterest widget to a blogger blog

6. Pull the gadget (by drag and drop) into your preferred location amongst the other widgets in your sidebar.

7. Check the front page of your blog to see the widget in your sidebar.

How to add a Pinterest widget to your blogspot blog

I hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you would like to learn how to use Pinterest more effectively for your business in just 25 days, do sign up for one of our online Pinterest courses. Our next one starts on 12th May.

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  • Dee Sewell

    That would have been a really useful post when I was using blogspot as I found it so difficult to find tutorials on some of the basic things I wanted to do and is one of the reasons I switched to wordpress. I’ll be sure to let my blogspot blogging friends know you’ve covered that Lorna.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thanks Dee, I was investigating it for a lesson and discovered it to be much trickier than I thought it would be. Easy when you know how but impossible when you don’t. Hence the blog post :)

  • Amanda Webb

    That’s very useful. Do you know if using a widget that shows some of your pins is better for getting followers?

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      I haven’t come across any stats to prove that a widget showing pins gets you more than the standard follow widget. It’s good to have one or the other up though. I know I click on them and on the facebook like boxes too.
      I have a single pin in my sidebar which is my most popular repinned pin but how many of those have been repinned here from the sidebar is impossible to tell now.

      • Amanda Webb

        It’s an interesting one. I’m thinking if the images are attractive it might catch the eye more but it’s prime space on your website at the same time..

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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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