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Tuesday’s Tip: How To Share Pins To Facebook Business Pages

How to pin from Pinterest to your Facebook business page

Pinterest and Facebook are both popular social networks and both are supplying many businesses with significant web traffic and sales. What about when you want to create some synergy between the two? Do you sometimes want to share a Pinterest

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How Will Social Media Further Your Goals For 2015?

365 Social Media Tips

Have you started planning your goals for 2015 and wondering how you’re going to achieve them? You know the expression ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’? Without planning, you can feel a bit like you are stuck amongst the cogs

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How Authors Should Use Facebook

Facebook for Authors - why it is an essential tool

Authors are becoming more aware that they need to be using social media. Hearing tales of other authors missing out on publishing deals because the publishing house wanted them to have a loyal following not to mention hearing of writers

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Why It Is Important To Credit Your Sources on Facebook


Crediting your sources, particularly for images, is seen as important in good etiquette, copyright practice and good manners.  It is often emphasised in posts about blogging and indeed, it was part of the judging criteria in the recent Blog Awards

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What I Can Tell About Your Business From Your Facebook Page


It sounds a little too much like ‘Big Brother’ doesn’t it – what I can tell about your business by taking a quick glance at your facebook page?  It is true though, your facebook page communicates all kinds of messages

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50% off Social Media Mentoring Sessions


Good morning and what a busy week lies ahead with the blog awards on Saturday next. We’re starting off the week with a facebook offer for half price mentoring sessions. Normally €150 for a 2.5 hour session, we are offering

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Facebook Tip – How To Increase Engagement For Your Updates

How to get more attention for a facebook update

Find It Friday – Question & Answer – I was asked a few weeks ago by a client how she might be able to get more people to see and engage with her Facebook updates.  Given the recent changes Facebook

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How to Get More Fans on Facebook

I’m often asked (and I’m sure every other social media consultant is asked this question too) how to get more fans on facebook.  I devoted some posts some time ago to how you can use the ‘marching’ methods amongst others

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Facebook for Beginners: How to Use Pic Monkey & Create a Highlighted Update on Facebook

Many thanks to Sue of Quirki Stuff who asked us how she could display a ‘Before and After’ photograph of one of their painted items of furniture on facebook. First of all, if you wish to incorporate 2 or 3

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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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