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Which Social Media Platforms Should Writers Use?

Which social media platforms should authors use

When writing a book, you are creating a product that will need to be marketed in order to achieve sales. Whether you are planning to self-publish (where you will be doing all the marketing yourself) or to secure a publishing

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Are You Risking Losing Your Facebook Presence?

Are you breaking Facebook's rules?

Do you have a business? Are you selling a product or service? Maybe you’re an author selling your books but you haven’t really considered yourself as being a ‘business person’ as yet. If you are using Facebook to promote your

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How To Influence Your Target Market Using Facebook

How to influence your target market using Facebook

Do your social media platforms influence your target market? Do they have the intended influence that you want? Are they delivering what your fans and followers expect from you? Or are you sending mixed messages? Are your target customers confused

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How Writers Can Get More From Facebook

How writers can increase their book sales using facebook

Should writers use Facebook? Can writers benefit by using Facebook? Will it help them sell more books, build a community, increase brand awareness? I’ve recently come across a number of authors who are saying that Facebook, for them, has been

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Tuesday’s Tip: How To Share Pins To Facebook Business Pages

How to pin from Pinterest to your Facebook business page

Pinterest and Facebook are both popular social networks and both are supplying many businesses with significant web traffic and sales. What about when you want to create some synergy between the two? Do you sometimes want to share a Pinterest

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How Will Social Media Further Your Goals For 2015?

365 Social Media Tips

Have you started planning your goals for 2015 and wondering how you’re going to achieve them? You know the expression ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’? Without planning, you can feel a bit like you are stuck amongst the cogs

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How Authors Should Use Facebook

Facebook for Authors - why it is an essential tool

Authors are becoming more aware that they need to be using social media. Hearing tales of other authors missing out on publishing deals because the publishing house wanted them to have a loyal following not to mention hearing of writers

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Why It Is Important To Credit Your Sources on Facebook


Crediting your sources, particularly for images, is seen as important in good etiquette, copyright practice and good manners.  It is often emphasised in posts about blogging and indeed, it was part of the judging criteria in the recent Blog Awards

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What I Can Tell About Your Business From Your Facebook Page


It sounds a little too much like ‘Big Brother’ doesn’t it – what I can tell about your business by taking a quick glance at your facebook page?  It is true though, your facebook page communicates all kinds of messages

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50% off Social Media Mentoring Sessions


Good morning and what a busy week lies ahead with the blog awards on Saturday next. We’re starting off the week with a facebook offer for half price mentoring sessions. Normally €150 for a 2.5 hour session, we are offering

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