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10 Tips For Writers On Using Twitter Effectively

10 Tips How Writers Should Use Twitter

I’m a huge fan of twitter for so many reasons. The main reason is I see it as being extremely effective in terms of sales and for today’s post, I am going to concentrate on how authors can use twitter

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Why (and how) Writers Should Blog

The easiest part of blogging for writers should be the actual writing shouldn’t it? Yet it can be difficult for authors to work out what to write and whether to write in the same style as their ‘normal writing’ or

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How To Self Publish Your Book

how to self publish and print your book

You’re writing a book. You have decided to self publish it, perhaps because you view it as a possible path to traditional publishing or perhaps because you are committed to staying as a self published author. You are going to

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To Publish or To Self Publish – That Is The Question

Advantages and Disadvantages of Publishing and Self publishing

If you are a writer, it is probably your dream to secure a publishing deal but while you are waiting for the right publisher and you feel your book is as good as it possibly can be, maybe self publishing

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How To Schedule Your Content To Social Media Platforms Using Co Schedule

If you are looking for a handy way to organise your blogging timetable and your scheduling of blog posts to Pinterest and other social media platforms, Co Schedule could be your answer. I signed up for the free trial and

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10 Tips – How to Fund A Self-Published Book

How to fund your self published book

Self publishing isn’t cheap, even if you are just planning to publish an ebook on Amazon. Apart from the hours (unpaid for now) that you put into writing the book, you are going to have to find funds for the

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15 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

15 blogging mistakes to avoid

Many articles tell you what you should be doing to improve your business blog, including many of the blog posts here at Write on Track. I’m going to cut to the jugular here and tell you what mistakes you should

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Blogging Check List: Ten Things To Check Before You Click ‘Publish’

Bloggers check list ten things to check before you click on publish

7 out of 10 marketeers are planning to spend more time and money on writing good blog content in 2014 according to this Social Media Examiner report. However, writing a blog post is so much more than getting an idea,

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Why I Blog

Why do you blog? What does your blog do for you? Many people equate blogging with business or writing diary like journals but with over thirty different categories in Blog Awards Ireland this year, it is very evident that there

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How To Prepare For A Media Interview

How to prepare for a media interview

You have read articles advising on attaining press coverage, you have perfected your press releases, you have contacted all the relevant journalists on your media list and you have secured some print and radio coverage. Then the email comes –

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