Making Newsworthy Content for Your Social Media

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It is the turn of the letter ‘N’ in the #AtoZchallenge.

Today’s topic is about being newsworthy. I don’t mean in the writing news articles sense but I am referring to your social media. How can you make your social media content appear as and be newsworthy for your target market? Here’s 3 ways to do it.

1. Blog About New Developments

When blogging, write about new developments within your sphere.  You can give your own opinion and spin on these newsworthy events, thereby educating your audience. You can also show how your company is keeping up to date with changes in legislation and how you are going to make it easier for your staff and your customers.  By doing this, not only are you informing your target customers, you are also promoting your company as being ahead of the game.

How To Make Your Social Media Content Newsworthy

For example, if your business is a restaurant, many of your blog post will be able recipes or different ways of cooking dishes.  Including a positive discussion on topical issues such as childhood obesity, calories provided on menus or the availability of gluten-free food will show your willingness to engage with changes, the media and perhaps contentious issues while informing your customer.

2. Share New Content On Your Channels

Allocate some time every morning to check through news headlines as well as blog articles within your own niche. Make it a point to share those that are most useful to your target audience and schedule them across twitter, your facebook page and Pinterest. Become known as a good knowledge source and it will gain you respect amongst your competitors and your customers.

3. Structure

Think about what draws people in to read a newspaper or magazine article – it is usually the title and the first paragraph. The first paragraph often reveals the who, what, when, where and how in brief.  Ensure you tell your audience the main summary of your written piece and then expand on it with more detail. Tell them what they will know by the time they have finished reading. Let them know what reading your blog post will be advantageous to them. Make your blog posts newsworthy in that they are worthy of the reader’s time, they are interesting, structured and either educational or entertaining.

The most interesting piece of news in the world won’t be read if it isn’t phrased and structured appropriately. Here’s a good post on writing magnetic headlines. 

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    Interesting post! I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. Will be looking in for more.

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