6 Ways To Organise Your Pinterest Boards

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It’s ‘O’ today in the #AtoZChallenge. April seems to be going very quickly now!

I’m going to suggest how you can organise your Pinterest boards more efficiently. It is very easy to move your boards around by dragging and dropping them into place and it’s worthwhile re-arranging them occasionally or having a particular focus behind their organisation.

6 Ways to Organise your pinterest boards

1. Alphabetical

I’ve noticed some pinners with lots of boards organise them alphabetically and this can be an easy way of finding a particular board. However, it has disadvantages as other pinners may decide to follow you based on your top two rows of boards, hence they only see the first couple of letters.

2. By Theme

If you have a number of different themes in your business account, slotting similarly themed boards together in sections or rows can prevent your account looking rather hodge podge.

3. Seasonal

Place your seasonal boards in the top two rows and then move them to the bottom of your boards page once the season is over, for example, Christmas boards could be moved to the top after Hallow’een but should spend Jan – Oct at the bottom of the page.

4. Colour

Some visual boards are just a delight to look at, such is the colour harmony within the board. Choose attractive images for your board covers and arrange them appropriately. I noticed some businesses turning their board pages green for St Patrick’s Day by using green images for their covers this March.

See this post – How To Select Cover Images for your Pinterest Boards

5. Prioritise the Most Appropriate

Which boards show off your business best? Which boards contain the most focused pins and offer the best snapshot of your business? Put them along your top row.  Anyone contemplating following your account should be able to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by glancing at your top two rows and your biography. Attract your target audience by being focused.

6. Number of Pins

Should you put your most popular boards in the top row? You could do. It’s more important though to ‘springclean’ your board every so often and consider deleting the boards that only have a few pins. We all create boards on the spur of the moment and discover after a month or two that we haven’t pinned much to them. Either make a conscious effort to pin more to those boards or delete them. The boards at the top of your boards page should certainly be well populated with good quality pins.


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    • Samantha Winters

      I use Pinterest Sort which I believe is an add-on on Chrome. It’s a life saver. I’ll see if I can find more info on it for you.

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