Why Your Blog Links Should Open in a New Window

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you click a link on a website or within a blog that the original source (e.g the blog) sometimes disappears and you are then faced with a decision to either return to the source or to read the new link, perhaps click a link in that, become distracted and never return to the original blog as it disappears, lost, into cyber space?

Do you prefer when you click a link in a blog post and it opens in a new tab /window? I do. It means that the original post stays open in one window, the new link is also open and if I do become distracted, both of them will stay open for me to return to later. (Yes, I have to admit that I can have up to 20 tabs open on my browser by 5pm any day!)

If you find that you’re like me and end up with multiple articles to read during a spare hour, do try out Pocket which is a handy little bookmarker – you can read all about it on the Spiderworking blog.

How to add a hyperlink that opens in a new window:

Click on the text that you wish to incorporate into the link and highlight it. Just as I have done above with ‘spiderworking blog’, and then click the hyperlink button above (as shown in the image below)

How to create a hyperlink within a blog post

A box opens and you paste in the url of the new link, add a descriptor:

How to ensure links open in a new window

And this is the important bit – tick the box which says ‘open in a new window/tab‘ and then click ‘add link’.

You’re done.

Ensure you do this and you’ll never lose a reader again.

Any questions? Do ask in the comment box below.

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  • http://Www.tapsandsinks.net Una Ailis

    Hi Lorna had never realised significance of that box to tick until you told me about hyper links. I must check out pocket. What package do you use to put the notations on your screen shots ?

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      I Use Jing Una, but snag it is better I believe – just haven’t had a chance to suss it out yet

      • http://Www.tapsandsinks.net Ailis

        Thanks lorna must check it out :)

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