How To Defeat Bloggers Block

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How to get your blog back on track and defeat bloggers block Do you find you suffer occasionally from bloggers block? I’ve been experiencing it lately even though I have plenty of material to blog about and I know that once I commence blogging again, the fingers will tap away on the keyboard and I’ll get back into the habit reasonably easily. Although I love writing and really enjoying blogging about social media, I found that breaking the habit of twice-weekly blog posts meant I lost my momentum.

1. Not Maintaining Consistency

I generally write a blog post twice a week here but when I was busy with the blog awards (Yes, I recognise the irony in this!), my posts slipped from two posts a week to one and then to none. Even though the awards event was on 4th October, I had a number of appointments slotted in last week and it just seemed to take more energy than usual to restart the writing. Losing consistency meant that it was harder to re-start.

2. Limited Time

Writing a good blog post takes time.  Being short of time meant that I was prioritising my ghost blogging work for clients and simply hadn’t scheduled in enough time to write my own posts. Being tired after the awards, I just didn’t have the energy to write my own posts ‘after hours’.

Maintaining consistency is the easiest way to keep on track with your blogging and that means being realistic with your expectations. If you feel you will struggle with writing two posts a week, then write one but stick to it. Don’t beat yourself up about something that isn’t realistic.  Maintain the quality of your posts by giving yourself sufficient time to devote to writing a good post. Allocate yourself up to 90 minutes on a particular morning of the week to write your blog posts. After all, if you finish early, you can reward yourself with the treat of going for a walk or reading. Pushing your blogging to be fitted in at the end of the day means that it turns into a chore.

3. Advance Planning

I underestimated how busy I was going to be – organising an event, organising judging, publishing posts about the blog awards sponsors, client work, training, putting a proposal together, taking a stand at a 3 day event with my book and achieving significant press coverage meant that all those interviews ate into my time too, it all added up for a hectic month. I knew it was going to be busy but I should have planned in advance and written some posts to schedule. Alternatively, I should have arranged for some interview posts or some guest posts. Although these take time, they can be effective in time saving.

Planning content is important too so it’s a good idea to brainstorm some topics for your blog. If you are struggling with getting back into blogging after a break, choose your favourite or the easiest topic to increase your motivation.

4. Not Using A Content Planning Tool

I was using Co Schedule for a while to ensure I stayed on track regarding my planned theme for each month. However, once I realised I wasn’t sticking to my schedule, I reverted to writing my ideas for posts in my trusted notebook. I had plenty of topics in mind so lack of material wasn’t an issue. However, if I had maintained my use of Co Schedule, it may have kept me on track.

I recently explained how to use Co Schedule to help you stay on track with your blogging and also for sharing your posts to social media platforms such as Pinterest. Amanda posted a video tutorial yesterday too. Using a content planning tool with a realistic timetable really aids successful blogging.

5. Ignoring Traffic

Even though I was still getting enquiries about training and ghost blogging, I wasn’t paying attention to my google analytics reports. When I did look, the results weren’t good. My traffic had decreased by 20% over the last month. This just proves that regular blogging really helps with traffic. I’m sure if my blogger’s block continued, it would have an effect on enquiries too.

Stay motivated by keeping an eye on your website and blog traffic. Give yourself a pat on the back when you see increases in traffic and when you know that sales and conversions happen as a result of your blog. This will motivate you to maintain your consistency.

6. Not Celebrating The Achievements

Writing a good blog is hard work and you should reward yourself by celebrating your achievements. Many Irish bloggers celebrated their achievement of getting into the finals of the blog awards by attending the event on 4th October. I had been too busy to celebrate the fact that my blog was generating more paid work but it’s important to stop and give yourself a clap on the back – even if it is just an extra cup of tea and an extra big slice of cake on a Friday afternoon!

It can happen that we are too busy to celebrate the achievements or sometimes we just aren’t kind enough to ourselves, that we drive ourselves too hard. Take time to stop and smell the coffee as well as rewarding yourself.

I’m back in the saddle now and yes, I enjoyed writing this post. The next two weeks will be busy so I’m going to be realistic with my schedule and I plan to write one post a week, then I should get back to my norm of two posts a week!

What do you sometimes struggle with when keeping up with your own blog? I’d love to hear.

If you are a businesswoman in Ireland, do come along to the National Women’s Enterprise Day conference in Galway on 22nd and 23rd October – I’ll be presenting on Blogging and Writing for the Web on Wednesday afternoon.

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  • Amanda Webb

    It’s ironic that both of us have been suffering with bloggers block as a result of the blog awards. I have to say I think I’ve got my mojo back now. For me it was planning. I sat down and planned a theme and started researching the posts that I would write for that theme.

    This is how I usually work but something happened when I was snowed under with all those other blogs.

    I think the problem with a system is that if you fall off it you tend to abandon the whole thing! Good to see you back.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      For me, it was having too much on – ploughing, blog awards and then that interview presentation. I knew if I wrote one post, that I would struggle to maintain it so I ended up parking it rather than beating myself up about it. Plus I was writing content for clients and occasional posts on my other blog too. Good to be back though :)

  • Elaine Rogers

    Great post, and I agree with Amanda’s point about using a schedule and if you fall short, it’s very easy to jump off altogether. I think blogging is like relationships (in fact it is a relationship with self) – as in they need commitment and constant attention :-)
    Good to see you both survived the awards, and are write on track again :-)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, you’re right, we both need nurturing (the blogs as well as ourselves). I had just taken too much on over the course of the month, the blog awards was only one third of it really. Got to make my expectations more realistic :)
      Cheers for the comment Elaine.

  • RichRennicks

    Good points. I ebb and flow from scheduling posts and planning things, to fitting in some blogging around other life events. Think I need to explore Co Schedule or Keynote or something to help gather and schedule ideas.

    • Amanda Webb

      I’m a week in to using CoSchedule and still loving it. It’s one of those ‘Where have you been all my life’ tools :)

      • Lorna Sixsmith

        I think it is good too but I still prefer pen and paper – felt like I was tied down to topics with it but I think it comes down to personal preferences. I still prefer doodling with pens sometimes.
        You mentioned you can’t schedule to Pinterest any more on it? Is that right? I was going to look into it again for the Pinterest course.

        • Amanda Webb

          I don’t see the option to add Pinterest. Maybe tweet them, they seem good at Twitter :)

        • RichRennicks

          I think I’ll have to try it. Just picked up a new client for a very time-intensive project, so will need to manage time & schedule very carefully in near future. Of course, when I’m really busy is when I’m most efficient with time. It’s when I have a bit of time to play with that the endless possibilities make me less focused.

          • Lorna Sixsmith

            I find that too – a busy day and I really focus!

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Some bloggers are very organised in their planning and will plan for those ‘days of the year’ events and work a topic around them. I have to admit I’m never that forward thinking for my own blog. I have a notebook for my ideas but admit that sometimes I realise I haven’t touched on a particular topic in ages. For this blog, I like focusing on a particular topic per month now e.g. Sept was going to be how to improve your blog until it died a death. With Irish Farmerette, I tend to post certain topics on days of the week, e.g. book reviews on Sundays and if on the rare occasion I haven’t read a book, it doesn’t happen.

  • Muddy Matches

    Great blog Lorna. It is very easy to ignore blogging when there’s a lot going on. For some reason I find it much easier to write after a walk away from the computer.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, getting outside for a walk can clear the brain and focus the mind. So does a cup of tea and a square of chocolate ;) well, so I find!
      I agree though, it’s very easy to put blogging on the long finger too and put it off for a day or two and then weeks go by.

  • marieennisoconnor

    This is a helpful post for those who loose their blogging mojo – it happens all of us from time to time.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      It does and it can be hard to get back into it for the first couple of posts too.

  • Dee Sewell

    I find I ‘lose my voice’ sometimes, something that’s happened recently. I still have the mojo, just struggle to write the words. I think it’s to do with being busy and barely having time to get involved in social media, just flitting in and out. Though could be because my posts are becoming more varied. I’m getting over it by reading lots of my favourite blogs but you’d think we’d be over all this now with the number of years blogging behind us. Good post though with some handy tips to help get us back on track.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Good point Dee, getting back into reading blogs is a great way to get back into writing posts too. I was scarcely reading any blogs during that month which probably affected things too.

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