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How To Add A Custom Header Image To Your Blog

how to add custom header to your blog

Even though there are many free themes to choose from when it comes to setting up a WordPress blog,  it’s hard not to notice that some themes  remain more popular than others.  You can see them repeating again and again

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What’s The Secret To A Successful Blog?

Secret To Blogging Success

Do you want to know the secret to blogging success? Google the topic and you will find much advice written on the secret(s) to a successful blog.  While catchy headlines, compelling content and interesting images all play key roles in

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Blog Tip Tuesday: How To Add Categories To A WordPress Blog

Select the checkbox next to a category name to add it to a post

Today’s Blog Tip Tuesday post will show you how to categorize your blog content – but before we tackle the how, let’s take a look at the why… Why you should pay attention to blog categories. Categories provide a helpful

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Blog Tip Tuesday: How To Create A Sticky Post For Your Blog

how to make blog posts sticky

We have a very quick and easy blog tip for you this week – how to create a “sticky post” for your blog. But first.. What do we mean by sticky post? Normally a post will slip further down your

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Two Twitter Tools To Try Today

Vizify Video For Twitter

We had a terrific #BlogChatIE  yesterday on finding new ways to use Twitter tools to promote your business blog. You can catch up with the conversation through our Storify here. Since then I have discovered two new cool Twitter tools

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Blog Tip Tuesday: How To Add The Archive Widget To A WordPress Blog

How To Add Widgets To A WordPress Blog

WordPress Widgets are very helpful tools built into the application. A Widget allows you to display content in your blog sidebar without having to know anything about html (computer coding for creating web pages).   Today’s Blog Tip Tuesday

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How To Craft A Compelling Case Study For Your Business Blog

How to write a compelling case study for your blog

The key to a successful blog is great content, but we know that sometimes it can be hard to come up with new content ideas for your business blog. One suggestion is to use a case study to showcase your

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How To Set SMART Goals For Your Business Blog


Do you have a business blog? Have you set clearly defined goals for what you want to achieve with your blog? And more importantly, are you achieving those goals? There are so many things to consider when it comes to

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Blog Tip Tuesday: What’s The Difference Between A Blog Post And A Blog Page?

blog pages

When starting a blog, we appreciate that there is a lot for you to get to grips with. Each week we aim to demystify an aspect of blogging and shorten the learning curve for you with our regular Blog Tip

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Blog Tip Tuesday: How To Set Up Your WordPress Profile Page

gravatar image for wordpress

Whether you are just starting your blog or you have been blogging for a while, today’s Blog Tip Tuesday post on how to set up your WordPress profile page should be of interest to you.  So why should you set

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