Setting Your Pinterest Board Covers – How & Why

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Did you know  that you can select the image for the dominant space on your pinterest boards?  You might be asking why would you want to do that when it already shows your most recent image?

Well, as you can see in the screengrab below, that doesn’t necessarily show off your board or your pin to its best advantage.

Pinterest Boards

The ‘Boy’s Bedroom’ board shows a guitar cushion as its main image but as it only displays part of the picture, it really isn’t possible to see what it is. It would be more appropriate to display a picture that makes it clear it is a product for a boy’s bedroom or show an image of a boy’s bedroom. I’ve chosen to select an image of dinosaur wall stickers (see below) as this is a product I stock and it clearly shows it is a bedroom for a young boy.

As you can see from all the boards above, none of them are shown off to their best advantage and not only does this affect the repinning statistics by potential new followers but it can also affect their decision regarding whether to follow you or your individual boards.  All the ‘bookcases’ board needed was a re-alignment of the photograph.

Pinterest Board Covers After

How to set a photograph for your board cover:

  • Select the ‘boards’ option in the drop down mention under your name (top right hand corner).
  • Hover the mouse over the board and ‘edit board cover’ pops up.
  • Click on it and a box will open showing the current photo that is in the board cover (usually your most recent pin unless you have pre-set your board covers)
  • Selecting a Cover for your Pinterest Board
  • You can then scroll across until you find the image you like, you can adjust it and then click ‘Set cover’
  • As you can see from the screengrab above, the photographs have been adjusted so that the ‘best’ part of the pin is on display.

Just as we recommend you to move your boards around occasionally, we also recommend that you set your board covers and change them periodically.

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  • Ashley

    i set my board covers once before and i didn’t like that so i basically made new boards and put all my pins into a new board so that when i put a pin in that board that’s what showed up as the cover board and all of a sudden my boards have a set cover photo and i didn’t even do it how can i change that i don’t want a set cover photo i want the pin that i just pinned

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      No, from what I can make out, once you have set a board cover, you can’t return to most recent pin being shown – you have to change the board cover. I’m sure they will adjust this in time though so it will be possible.

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  • Joe D

    is this still how to set the main photo for each board? I don’t see that as an option! I just created some new boards and they don’t have cover photos :(

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, it is Joe, Once you put pins in them, they will show up. If you set the board covers, you can choose the cover (as described above). Alternatively, it will show the most recent pin pinned to that board. Hope that helps

  • Ariel Paz

    Help! Many times when I try to change the board cover photo, it doesn’t work. I am wondering what would be the reason some of them update and others don’t. Appreciate any tips you may have. Thank you!

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