Pinterest Tutorial: Is It Possible To Delete A Pin In A Shared Board

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We received this question regarding  Pinterest on our facebook page. I always consider the answers to questions to be amongst the best blog posts – partly because if one person has asked the question, others are bound to be pondering it too therefore the readership will be there, and partly because I know it will be of interest and of use to others.

Many thanks to Delia from Blog  Formatting for the question – do check out her blog too for her blogging tips.

‘Can you delete a pin that you’ve pinned to a shared board?’

Note: I’m answering this using the New Look Pinterest. Yes, you can edit or delete any of your own pins (ie that you pinned yourself).  Where you see ‘Like’ on other people’s pins, you’ll see’ Edit’ on your own.

Click on the edit button. If you pinned the image to the wrong board, you can move it to another board or you can delete it completely – this is the case whether it is to one of your own boards or to a shared board.

1. After clicking edit, if you wish to move the pin to a different board, click the drop down menu and select another board. You can also create a new board if you wish. Don’t forget to click ‘save changes’.

2. If you wish to delete the pin, click that button and ‘save changes’

If you are the original creator of a shared board, you can edit or delete any pins that are pinned to that board in the same way.  You are, after all, the moderator of that board.  You cannot edit or delete anyone else’s pins in a shared board unless you are the creator of the board.

I hope you found this Pinterest mini tutorial useful. If you’d like to view more tips on a regular basis., do like our facebook page. We’d be delighted if you’d pin this post too :)

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  • Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Thanks so much for your reply to my question through this post! I love it when I get questions that I can reply with a blog post – it’s a win-win situation, right?
    This is goig to be very useful to anybody who is just starting with Pinterest :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thank you Delia and hope you had a lovely Easter :) Lorna

  • Abdul Roqib

    Great tutorial..

  • Absalom David

    what good is it to have collaboration when the collaborators don’t even have the option of being able to delete pins? Even if I were to be the moderator, I should certainly be able to give admin rights to my collaborators. You would think that this would have been realized YEARS ago.

    • Absalom David

      wonderful app though! that being said, the above should certainly be implemented asap.

  • SnappyLiving

    This isn’t true anymore. I have no option to delete pins from a spammer I kicked off one of my boards. I don’t have an edit button on those pins, and when I try to do mass delete, there’s no square to check on those pins. This sucks.

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