Pinterest Tutorial – What is Pinalytics & How Does It Work?

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What is Pinalytics?

Pinalytics is a social media tool that helps you find, track and evaluate pins and content and it isn’t just limited to Pinterest but will track the spread of a pin through other social media sites such as twitter, facebook and google+.

How to use Pinalytics for your business You can use it without logging in and it will return 5 results. Create an account and it will return 50 results.

You can search Pinalytics to see the type of content that is popular, look for opportunities, track conversions and look for new audiences.

You can narrow the search to search under pins, boards or pinners.

Pinalytics - How Does it Work?

Start by searching for a keyword. In this case, I’m looking to see if a board on Irish Castles might be of use to Irish tourist accommodation businesses.

The pin with the most repins will show first in the search results. The results include information on how that pin has been shared on the other social networks too.

How does pinalytics work? The pinterest results are shown first, showing the number of repins, likes and comments. These are followed by the results of shares in the other social media platforms. All of the results can be exported in a TSV file or via clipboard.

If you want a different social media platform to be shown first in descending order, you can do so: eg. facebook likes.

Using Pinalytics

 Using the same keyword, I searched under ‘boards’ and it revealed a number of boards entitled ‘Irish Castles’.  While I could do the same search in Pinterest to find boards with ‘Irish Castles’, using Pinalytics has the advantage that I am able to ascertain the popularity of this board type by looking at the number of pins and the number of followers. I can also choose to follow the board and/or the board author.

Why might you use Pinalytics as an analytics tool in your social media campaign?

  • You can see if that keyword and /or type of content is proving popular by looking at the ‘pins’ selection and examining the number of repins, likes and comments.
  • You can establish if the pinned content is popular amongst other social media channels too.
  • In the example used in this blog post, the tourism accommodation industry, pinners can decide if including a board on Irish Castles is worthwhile, see if there are sufficient people interested in it judging by the level of interaction on the individual pins (both on pinterest and on other platforms).
  • You can connect with the most popular authors/pinners.

What do you think? Will you use pinalytics to aid your evaluations and planning for your Pinterest campaign?

If you would like help learning how to use Pinterest effectively, do get in touch with us to book a training sessions or details on upcoming courses.

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