My 3 Favourite Twitter Tools

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With three twitter accounts, I find using twitter tools to be time-saving, convenient and it improves my use of this social media platform. Here’s my three favourie twitter tools.

My 3 Favourite Twitter Tools


Hootlet is an browser extension of hootsuite and can be used to tweet or schedule tweets providing links to articles that you might be reading and want to share with your followers. Just as you might pin an article or an image to Pinterest from your browser, you can also use the hootlet button in your toolbar to share it.


Once you click on the hootlet owl, the blog title and link pop up – all you have to do then is choose the account you wish to send it from (if you have more than one account) and choose between sending it now, auto schedule or specify the day and time. The link displays as a short link just as it would if you used hootsuite.

If you are in the habit of reading a number of articles in one go, you might like to share the best of them with your followers. You probably won’t want all the tweets going out at the same time so you can schedule them out over time if you wish.

Manage Flitter

I decided recently to tidy up one of my twitter accounts, I knew that I was following a lot of people who weren’t following me back and weren’t necessarily that relevant as my target audience. I’m not overly precious regarding the number of people I follow but I was conscious that many of my followees accounts had lapsed or weren’t entirely relevant to that account. I decided to use Manage Flitter and find it really useful.

It provides information on who isn’t following you, which of your followees don’t have a profile picture as yet, if you have any fake or spam followers and any inactive followees (those who have not tweeted for 30 days). It also informs you which of your followers are considered influential on twitter and you can also mute tweeps from Manage Flitter too. You may consider muting someone if you don’t want to see all their tweets but you don’t wish to unfollow them for whatever reason.

In this screenshot from ‘everyone I follow’ you can see that Manage Flitter tells me if they are following me back or not (with the thumbs up or down sign), I can see their last tweet and if I hover over any of their details, their bio comes up in a pop up box.


You can unfollow up to 100 people a day using their free account which is more than enough for a tidy up.


Canva is a photo manipulation tool, with much of the functionality being free. What I like about Canva is that they offer templates in the exact sizes suitable for the various social media platforms so in the case of twitter, the template is currently sized at 1024 x 512 px, the optimum size for images to be viewed in their full size on Twitter.


Now, Canva isn’t just for Twitter of course, but it doesn’t take long to amend  a photograph to make it suitable for Twitter use. All I’ve done with this example is I have chosen the Twitter post template, then uploaded a Twitter icon and my logo and dragged them into place. Two text boxes are used to add the text and it is as simple as that.

My 3 favourite twitter tools

You can also purchase photographs from Canva to use as background or complete images.

Have you used any of these tools? What is your favourite Twitter Tool?

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  • Martin Lindeskog

    Lorna: I found your post via TweakYour Biz. I have to check out Manage Flitter unfollow Twitter tool. I have been struggling with Twitter’s follow limit rule for some time.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Hi Martin, I find it to be an easy and quick tool to use. Another one is tweepi by the way, others prefer it.

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