Why You Should Re-Arrange Your Pinterest Boards

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Pinterest have just redesigned their pages and it is most noticeable (for now anyway, perhaps they are changing the pages one at a time) on the ‘Boards’ pages.  Your most recent pinned picture is larger than the others with 4 others displayed underneath and pinners can also see the total number of pins within each board.

What is important is that you re-arrange your boards regularly. I have seen pages with a ‘Christmas’ board still at the top – this doesn’t reflect well on your pinning ability nor your pinning kudos. If you are including some business boards within your account, it is all the more important that you re-arrange them regularly.


Update: Pinterest has now changed how you can move your boards – go to your boards page by clicking on your name on the top right and then you can simply drag and drop your boards into place.

For more tips  - see How to springclean your Pinterest account.

To rearrange your boards – go to the top right of the home pinterest page once you have logged in, where your avatar and name are, click on the arrow and a dropdown menu will open, just click boards and your Boards page will open.

I had St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day boards at the top of my ‘Boards’ page and as those dates have just passed (Mother’s Day was today in Ireland and the UK – but I must remember to raise its profile again closer to the US Mother’s Day in May), I decided to move them to the bottom of my page.

Simply click on the little icon as indicated by the red arrow in this graphic. Then click on each board that you wish to move and drag it to the place you wish to place it.  I have to say it is much easier to move boards around within this new design.

Once you have moved the boards around, don’t forget to click the red tick box to save them or you will have lost your work.

We recently wrote a number of blog posts on pinterest so do check them out if you have any queries or ask us a question in the comment box below. Are you pinning yet? Is it proving good for your business? Are you enjoying it?

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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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