Understanding Pinterest Analytics: Finding Your Best Boards and Your Key Influencers

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Understanding Pinterest Analytics Finding your best boards and your key influencers Your Pinterest Analytics can provide you with a mine of information and this tip will show you how to identify your top performing boards, the top performing boards by others that your pins have been pinned to and those group boards you might want to consider leaving.

Have you accepted invitations to group boards and you’re not sure if they are providing results for you? They are showing up on your profile, you have pinned to them but they are either not that active or they’re not delivering with clicks, impressions or repins? Your analytics will help you identify the good, the bad and the ugly.

Are you wondering if you are following key influencers in your field? Those people who have pinned or repinned your pins and have boards that are performing really well? Pinterest analytics will identify them for you.

Here’s how to find Top Performing and Under Performing Boards:

1. Go to your Pinterest analytics by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and you’ll find analytics in the drop down menu from the cog. If it isn’t there, you’ll need to convert your account to a business account and verify your website first.

2. When you visit your profile page, scroll down to see the ‘boards’. Decide what determines success for you – is it the number of impressions, likes, repins or click throughs to the website? I’m deciding on click throughs.

Interestingly, my board ‘Social Media 2014′ has had a reasonable number of click throughs but no repins or likes which makes me wonder if it’s accurate but it is a good indicator. I’m pleased to see my own board at the top followed by a popular group board.

How to find highest  performing boards

3. Read down through the list, ticking off the group boards that are performing well for you and do the same with your own boards too – there may be some that you created that just aren’t cutting the mustard.

4. Complete your spring cleaning by deleting any individual boards that aren’t providing results.  It can happen that you create a board impulsively and forget about it. It’s time to delete it now rather than having it cluttering your profile You can do this by clicking on the board title, click on ‘edit board’ on the top right, then click ‘delete board’ within the pop up box.

5. You can also remove yourself from any underperforming group boards by clicking on the board title, clicking ‘edit board’ on the top right. A box will pop up with the word ‘Leave’ beside your name – all you have to do is click ‘leave’ and confirm.


To find Key Influencers / Your Brand Ambassadors:

What about those who have pinned or repinned pins from your website – would you like to find out if their boards are worth followin? Indeed, if they are a group board, you could apply to join.

1. Click ‘Activity from your website’ at the top of the page.

2. Select ‘Clicks’ if click throughs to the website are your main ingredients for success.

How to find  key influencers

3. Scroll down to look at the list of boards. When I clicked on the third most successful board on the list, I discovered that pinner / board had helped my pin achieve  406 repins so no doubt, it achieved more click throughs than listed beside this board. I interacted with the pinner by commenting on the pin and of course, followed her.

4. Click on each of the boards that are delivering click throughs and decide if you would like to follow that board. I’d recommend it.


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