Thursday’s Tip: How To Pin Pinterest Boards / Pinterest Accounts

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Pinterest Tip How to pin a pinterest board or pinterest account Do you use Pinterest as a bookmarking site – pinning useful articles or products to selected boards (perhaps even to your secret boards)? Whether you pin them to share with your followers or for your own private use, Pinterest is such a useful bookmarking tool, I use it all the time to save my favourite articles.

Pinning from website pages or blog posts is easy enough – as long as the page / post contains an image. However, what if you find a fantastic Pinterest board or even an entire Pinterest account and you want to favourite it so you can check it again or collate similar accountst? Have you ever wanted to add an entire Pinterest board or an entire Pinterest account as a pin?

It’s one of those things that is easy when you know how but very tricky to do when you’re not sure how to go about it.

Examples where you might want to use it is if you wish to create a board representing pinners in a particular geographical area or who specialise in a particular area eg. historical fiction writers.

Are there pinners that pin amazing content and you would like to check in with their pins occasionally? As yet, you can’t favourite or save your favourite pinners on Pinterest but you could save their accounts to a particular board.

This is what you need to do to pin an entire Pinterest account or a Pinterest board:

Select a representative pin from the board or the account and pin it to the relevant board. As you will be changing the link on the pin, I recommend that you ensure the pin is owned by that pinner – or else pin an image from their website if you are in doubt. In this case, I am pinning a pin from AmberSOS to my Irish Businesses Using Pinterest board.

Save the link where you want the pin to go to – in my case it is the Pinterest account for the Amber SOS business.

Once you have pinned the pin, go to your account (click on your name at the top right) and click on your pins. When you hover over that pin, you’ll see a pencil icon on the top right, click on that to edit it. Replace the link in the source box with the preferred link. That is it.


Now when the pin is clicked upon, it will bring you and other pinners to the whole pinterest board or account. I think I will create a board for my favourite writers and social media users on Pinterest too.

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  • Dee Sewell

    I had no idea we could do that! I recently joined a Pinterest group and to do so had to follow all of their boards. It’s ruined Pinterest for me as inundated with stuff I don’t want to see. That sounds almost like making a list, a place where I could put my favourite pinners boards, and might make Pinterest cool again.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, and you could pin them to secret boards too – for example, for competitors.
      Why did you have to follow all of their boards to join a group? You just need to follow the group board (unless things have changed recently).

      • Amanda Webb

        Off topic but a question related to Dee’s query. Can you mute users on Pinterest?

        • Lorna Sixsmith

          As in hide them? No, I’m afraid not but if you unfollow most of their boards but one, you will still show as a follower – if that helps?

      • Dee Sewell

        I was told I had to! Should have known and better and just tried following the group page, would have saved a lot of hassle.

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Buy 365 Social Media Tips on Amazon
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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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