How To Schedule Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind

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How to schedule pinterest pins with Tailwind Scheduling your pins on Pinterest is good for business because:

  • You should pin ‘little and often’ to maximise your exposure.
  • Scheduling offers you flexibility and can save you time.
  • If your target audience is in another time zone, scheduling is an essential tool.
  • If you schedule pinterest pins, you can experiment by pinning at various times of the day and night so you can find your ‘best day and time to pin’.
  • Pinning is addictive and it’s very easy to get carried away, pinning and repinning away with enthusiasm. Spread the love by scheduling so you’re not overwhelming your audience. Your followers might even unfollow you if they see too many of your pins in their home feed at the one time so scheduling is definitely a good idea.

Some time ago, I wrote a post showing you how to use some scheduling tools but Tailwind, one of the most useful Pinterest tools in my opinion, has eventually added a scheduling mechanism to its site and I do think it is now the best scheduling tool.



Here’s how Tailwind Scheduling Tool works:

1. Once you sign up to Tailwind using your Pinterest log in details, you can add the scheduling bookmarklet  to your toolbar, making it very easy to schedule pins when pinning from any website as well as your own site. Alternatively, you can pin using the usual Pinterest bookmarklet tool and choose the ‘schedule’ option.

How to schedule Pins with Tailwind

2. You can also schedule repins of any pins directly from Pinterest.

How to schedule pins on PInterest

When you see a pin you would like to share to one of your own boards but would prefer to repin it at a different time, click on the little ‘Tailwind’ icon on the pin, choose a board from your dropdown menu and a time and click ‘Schedule now’. It is as easy as that.

How to schedule pins on Pinterest

What is also handy is that when you are pinning from a website, you can now opt to schedule that pin then and there. No need to go into another website. Simply click the ‘schedule’ option and then choose a day and time and that’s it.

3. If you are using the Chrome browser, just as the ‘pin it’ button will show on any photo if you hover over it, the Tailwind ‘schedule’ button will also show now too, making it very easy to schedule your pins.

4. You can also schedule repins of your own pins on Tailwind. Why might you schedule a repin of your own pin, I hear you ask!  If a pin is doing well or if you would like it to do even better, it’s a good idea to share it to two or three other relevant boards too. It’s very easy to forget to do this so by scheduling a repin, you are ensuring that your pin gets more visibility amongst your own and group boards.


5. You can even check your scheduled pins on Tailwind, alter the time, add to different boards and edit. You can shuffle the pins in the queue.  You can even change your mind about the scheduling and decide to pin right now, if you wish.


Some of the Tailwind packages are expensive for small businesses but it does provide excellent data on your account. It’s scheduling tool is easy and efficient to use too. If you upgrade, it will also provide you with information on your ‘best day and time to pin’ but don’t forget to put in your own timezone. I believe the package with the scheduling tool is $15 per month.

Tailwind is now offering a free trial for 100 pins at the moment- all you need to do is log in with your Pinterest details so I suggest you give it a go and then decide if it is worthwhile paying for the service, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

Do you think the scheduling tool will be useful for your business? Let me know how you get on if you try using Tailwind to schedule pinterest pins for your business.

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  • Marie Ennis-O’Connor

    Scheduling comes to Pinterest – or did I miss this already? Anyway, am a big fan of scheduling so this is good news indeed. Thanks for the helpful step-by-step guide

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Hi Marie, yes, it’s been available on other tools for a while but some of them were time-consuming or expensive to use. Tailwind is easy to use and as it gathers your data, you can assess how to improve your account too.

      • Marie Ennis-O’Connor

        that’s great Lorna. Must take a look. I have become a fairweather Pinner these days!

  • Janet Watkins

    Oh wow! This looks AWESOME. At $15 a month I’m sold. Signing up now. Thank you, Lorna!!

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Well, you’ll get your free 100 first Janet. Delighted you found it useful.

  • Amanda Webb

    Love this tool, thanks Lorna. And well worth the money if you are an ecommerce site I imagine, or anyone who gets direct sales from Pinterest. Great way to reach the right people at the right time.

  • Dee Sewell

    Excellent, thanks Lorna. I’ve noticed a few US bloggers mentioning that they schedule pins and it’s something I’ve been meaning to look at. Glad to have the link to investigate further :)

  • Jonathan Dwyer

    Thank you for sharing Tailwind, Lorna. I never thought of scheduling pins on Pinterest but started after reading your article and it’s saving me so much time! I wasn’t going to pin over the holiday weekend but now have 20 pins scheduled to go out between now and Sunday. Yay! :) I’m thinking I’m going to get the annual subscription for Tailwind. For $10/month seems like I can’t go wrong. Thank you so much!!

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Delighted to hear that Jonathan :)

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