Step-By-Step Guide To Using Pinterest Web Analytics For Your Business

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Regular readers of Write On Track will know that from its earliest days we have been advocates for leveraging the popular social networking site Pinterest for your business marketing. We have written extensively on how small businesses can use Pinterest to boost their profile, increase followers, drive sales to their websites, run effective competitions, enhance SEO and promote their business blog.

Most recently Lorna has taken us through the changes and new features Pinterest has just released. A key development is the launch of a new analytics tool – Pinterest Web Analytics.   The ability to measure and track your online activity is crucial to the success of your social media efforts. Heretofore this feature was missing on Pinterest. Now with Pinterest Web Analytics you can track, evaluate and monitor your Pinterest strategy more effectively.

Step-by-step guide to using Pinterest Web Analytics

1. Verifiy your website

You will need to have a verified website to access web analytics.  To check if your website is verified, go to your About section. If you have a website listed on your profile with a check mark next to it, you’re verified. If not, follow these steps to verify your account.


2.  Switch to Pinterest’s new look

You will need to activate Pinterest’s new look to be able to see Analytics. When you log on to your Pinterest account, a message should appear on your screen asking you if you want to switch to the new look now. If you don’t see this message, click on the profile menu located to the far right of your page and scroll down to Switch To The New Look. With the new look your pins will appear larger and the images crisper.

3. Explore Analytics
Click Analytics in the top-right menu under your name to explore your data. If you need more help, Pinterest have provided a video tutorial to assist you.
How Can Your Business Benefit From Pinterest’s New Analytics Tool? image Pinterest 5

4. What can you measure?

  • How many people are pinning images from your site
  • How many people have seen these pins
  • How many people visited your site from Pinterest
  • Which images from your website are the most repinned and clicked on

What does this mean for your business?

With the Pinterest Web Analytics tool at your fingertips, you can now track your pinning activity and evaluate which content you produce is the most popular on Pinterest. This will allow you to tailor your content accordingly. Pinterest has promised to add new tools and more detailed insights over the coming months to help you see even more clearly what is working or not on your website so that you can create even better pins in the future.   With the addition of analytics and its continued fast growth, Pinterest has quickly gone beyond being a mere niche platform for individuals. (It’s also one of the easiest social media outlets to maintain.) To ignore it is to overlook a valuable resource.



Marie Ennis-O’Connor BA, MIAPR, holds an Honours degree in History from University College Dublin. She is a graduate of the Irish Academy of Public Relations and has worked in a variety of PR roles over the past 12 years. Marie is editor of several award-winning blogs ranging from life sciences to health to business. She is a panel member of the newly established Bloggers International and is a regular contributor to Health Works Collective, an online community for thought leaders in international healthcare. She is a featured blogger on Webicina, an online service that provides curated medical social media resources in over 80 medical topics and over 17 languages, and has been awarded a top blogger accolade by Empowered and most inspiring writer by WegoHealth. Marie is also in demand as a trainer in social media marketing and travels the country teaching small business owners how to get online and maximise their online presence.

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