Pinterest Tip: Your Pictorial Curriculum Vitae

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Pinterest Tip - Using a Pinterest Board as your Pictorial Resume Have you considered using Pinterest as your “Pictorial Curriculum Vitae”? A picture tells a thousand words – you can show people just how good you are by including pictures of you at work or within press coverage.

I have a ‘Press’ page on my other website, that page contains links to book reviews as well as a number of images showing me with various TV or Radio personalities having being interviewed. However, when I decided to create a board entitled “Lorna Sixsmith in the Media” and went looking through my photo archives, I discovered I actually had many more photos than I originally thought.

Setting up the Pinterest board has also taught me to always save the link for radio interviews and to always get a photograph taken with the interviewer – if I had done so, I would have many more. If you can’t get a photograph taken with the interviewer, get one taken standing beside the radio station or TV channel logo.  The collection of press coverage highlights and showcases my writing, my involvement in social media and the community via the blog awards coverage, and my social media knowledge.


Pinterest Board – Lorna Sixsmith in the Media

What are the advantages of setting up a Media board on Pinterest?

People can see, at a glance, where your skills lie. It’s unlikely a business person will get press coverage and interviews unless they are reasonably good at what they do. The links to newspaper articles, features and interviews means they can check you out in more detail but a number of press clippings curated within a single board should convince them of your expertise. Think of this pinterest board as your pictorial LinkedIn profile too.

What if you haven’t got any press coverage yet? It doesn’t necessarily have to be print or radio coverage. If you are interviewed within a blog post , featured within a curated post or if you guest blog for notable blogs, I suggest you include them within a Pinterest board too. I was recently included in a curated post featuring 27 Social Media Marketers and I’ve included that within my “Media” board.

You can also emphasise your skills within your pinterest boards. Create boards showing you in action – whether it is sharing “Stuff I’ve Written” or showing you teaching or doing demonstrations or designing and building that kitchen from scratch. For example, if you are a kitchen designer, don’t just take photographs of the kitchen design and the completed kitchen, take photographs of you designing the kitchen on AutoCad, on choosing the materials, on planing the wood, on putting the kitchen larder in place, of standing beside the finished kitchen. If you are an author, create a board for your book signings and photographs with other (famous) authors. I was delighted to be photographed with Donal Ryan when we both spoke at an event last Christmas.

I hope you find this Pinterest tip useful and that it inspires you to showcase your expertise on Pinterest in new ways. One more tip by the way, if you are pinning lots of material to this board when first creating it, you might prefer to create the board as a secret board, fill it with all of your images and then make it public. You probably don’t want to flood your account with ‘me, me, me’ media coverage pins all in one afternoon.

Follow Lorna Sixsmith ‘s board Lorna Sixsmith in the Media on Pinterest.

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  • Dee Sewell

    Good idea Lorna and something to add to my to do list. I thought I had a link on my website but don’t, and thought I’d added links onto my Greenside Up board on Pinterest but haven’t. Will have to start looking through my pressings folder.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      I think it’s a handy way to keep record of any PR achieved as I find I don’t want to add every single one to my website. Looking at it gives you a feeling of achievement too.

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