Do Your Pinterest Links Deliver Click Throughs To Your Website?

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How much traffic do your pins deliver to your website It’s ‘L’ in the #AtoZChallenge. Today I am exploring the value of your Pinterest links in terms of the amount of click throughs they deliver to your website and showing you how to find this out on your own account.

As you probably know, each image pinned from your website to Pinterest contains a link back to your website, a link that means that any other pinner can click on that image and be brought to your website ready to purchase that product, browse or read your articles.

See our recent post: How To Ensure Your Pins Link To Your Website. This post shows you who pins from your website but not how many clicks are generated.

An important question though is – how many click throughs do each of those links in the pins generate? How much traffic does Pinterest with its clickable links bring to your website?  You need the repins to get the click throughs but the repins aren’t any good on their own.

If your Pinterest account has been verified, you will have access to Pinterest analytics in the drop down menu on the top right.  Opt for ‘Most Clicked’ and choose a the two week option on the top left. (It is a disadvantage that the time scale is limited). If you wish to use Google Analytics to find your most clickable pins, check out this post for how to determine your most effective pins .

How to find your most clicked pins

Click ‘ export’ on the top right and it will create a csv file for you.

Interpreting Pinterest Analytics

Interestingly, I find that a pin that has had 150 repins and 40 likes has only had 21 clicks during that fortnight but one that received 4 repins has had 63 clicks through to my blog. However, the 150 repins and 40 likes are over ‘all time’ and when I click on the pin url and paste it into my address bar, I discover that it is a pin on my own board that was pinned over 6 months ago – it just shows it is still delivering traffic – people who will read the post and see that I also offer Pinterest online courses.

The top ‘most clicked’ pin was pinned only two days ago so either the pinner or one of her four repinners is influential. I should check that I am following them (either an individual board or all boards) as after all, if their repin of my content delivers 63 clicks in less than two days, their following is interested in my content.

The CSV file is also handy for determining what are your most popular pins. Paste the url for them into your address bar and evaluate them – what is it about them that is proving popular with other pinners? Try to emulate the success of the most popular and most clickable by using them as a model for future images.

How often do you check your repins and click throughs from Pinterest?  If you are doing it as a result of this post, do let me know if you are disappointed or pleasantly surprised with what you find.



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