How To Use Pinterest To Increase Sales For Christmas

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How to increase christmas sales with Pinterest Christmas is coming and if Christmas is an important aspect of your business whether you sell a product or a service, you will need to start promoting it across the various social media very soon.

Pinterest is one place where there is plenty Christmas-based content there already so how can you capitalise on it and yet intrigue those people who don’t want to think about Christmas before December 10th?

For 2013, Christmas and Pinterest are going to work together for business success, in my opinion, and become synonymous like “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Tom and Jerry” or “fresh bread and jam”.

Even if your product or service may not target Christmas shoppers specifically for gift or home decor items, there are still plenty of ways you can incorporate Christmas into your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Promoting your Christmas products on Pinterest

This pin wasn’t pinned by the business owner (unfortunately it doesn’t link to the website which is a huge shame). It is a pinner’s  personal response to a suggested outfit they found and uploaded. It is a great pin as from a sales perspective as it will compel purchasers to not just buy the jeans and the cardigan but to buy the accessories and the bag too and maybe even the boots. Doesn’t it make you just want to have an outfit like that for Christmas too – comfy, smart casual and cosy.  See how many repins and likes it has achieved – this is not only due to the image itself but also the text that conjures up the idea of log fires, big Christmas lunch, going for a walk on a cold crispy day after lunch, holding hands with a partner and enjoying the festivities.

How To Use Pinterest For Christmas

  • Create pins that are aspirational – that evoke memories and emotions that are desirable
  • Add ‘Christmas’ into the description and it may show up in Pinterest searches for ‘Christmas’. Put up your pin with the normal description and then pin it again but including Christmas in the description
  • Repin popular Christmas pins (such as gorgeous Christmas trees etc) into a Christmas board – so you attract those who love Christmas.
  • Remember that ‘holidays’ is a popular keyword in America so include both ‘Christmas’ and ‘holidays’ if you can.

adding Christmas to your pins For a photographer who specialises in family portraits, this is a fabulous pin – the description should include the word ‘Christmas’ though so that if it is repinned it carries the keyword.

How to Incorporate Christmas into your Pins

  • Pet accessories – a pin of a cute dog or cat with the product and the text ‘this is what I want for Christmas’ should work well.
  • Clothing – put together moodboards for outfits (similar to the one above) in Polyvore, upload them to your website or blog and pin using descriptions such as ‘The perfect outfit for Christmas Day for young girls’
  • Bedding – pictures of warm red or tartan bedding could be pinned with ‘Cosy fall / Christmas bedding to snuggle under’
  • Photography – images of babies or couples with a Christmas reference will get lots of repins
  • Wool shop – images of crocheted or knitted decorations – include Christmas or Holidays in the description
  • Bookshop – create pins with suggested reads for the Christmas holidays for different sectors
  • Home Decor – don’t just concentrate on the Christmas trees and tablescapes, add Christmas into your descriptions for bedrooms and home decor gift items too.
  • Kids Activities – include a reference to Christmas holidays e.g. ‘How to keep kids entertained over Christmas’ or ‘how to let kids help with the Christmas decorating’.
  • Cleaning Products or Services – how to get your home sparkling clean for the Christmas holidays

Have you started to mention Christmas in your Pinterest marketing yet? Our next Pinterest courses (delivered online) start on 21st October if you want to learn how to use Pinterest more effectively for your business.

photo credit: ryantron. via photopin cc


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