Becoming A Recommended Board on Pinterest – What It Means

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Have you received an email from Pinterest saying that one of your boards is getting the star treatment on Pinterest? The email goes on to explain that one of your boards has been selected and displayed to new Pinterest users as a recommended board for them to follow. Are you wondering what it all means?



1. Is it possible to tell which board Pinterest is featuring?

Pinterest don’t tell you which board they have selected but you will probably notice an increase in followers to one particular board. I had noticed an increase in followers to my Twitter Tips board for a few days before I received the email and one week on, the followers of that board have increased by at least one thousand.

Becoming a recommended board on pinterest - what it means 2. What are the advantages?

You are going to get more followers to that board but as these are new users, it doesn’t mean that you are going to receive an equivalent number of repins or a surge in traffic to your website from your pins on that board.  I don’t tend to write many articles about twitter (I wouldn’t consider it my best board) so I decided to make the board better and made a conscious effort to find good articles on twitter and pinned them. However, those pins haven’t received many repins – probably because new pinners haven’t quite become accustomed to repinning as much as the more seasoned pinners.

It is nice to have your quality boards recognised by Pinterest and the number of followers I’ve received in the last week just demonstrates the huge numbers of people joining Pinterest on a daily basis. It remains to be seen whether those new followers will use Pinterest productively or if they are just checking it out and their account becomes dormant – there is bound to be a mixture of the two.

3. I didn’t get that email – Why not?

If you didn’t get this email, don’t worry. There will be more opportunities in the future.  Pinterest used this concept about a year ago too which led to a surge in followers to my ‘How To Use Pinterest’ board as it was the chosen board on that occasion.  If you pin regularly to a focused board with quality content (so it gets repinned), this will increase the chances of Pinterest selecting your board.

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  • Dee Sewell

    Wow, a 1000 more followers as a result of being a recommended board! I really need to sit up and pay attention to your Pinterest posts Lorna! I haven’t received an email, probably as a result of half hearted pinning so interested to hear they reward people who make an effort and do use Pinterest to its best.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      I’ve got another 200 in just the last day. Am keeping an eye on it now for curiousity.
      I’m not sure if they are focusing on particular themes within each topic. Talking to other social media pinners, it seems boards focusing on twitter were popular but that was only another couple of pinners so hard to say. Yes, it seems that a focused board with regular content is what they are after too.

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