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This is my first post of the #atozchallenge whereby bloggers are challenged to work through the alphabet for the month of April (taking Sundays off) starting with the letter A on April 1st until Z on the 30th April.  In this post, I share my three favourite aspects of two analytical tools for Pinterest. If you are pinning, you need to know how well Pinterest is performing for your business.

Understanding Pinterest analytics

Pinterest Analytics

You can access Pinterest analytics if your account has been verified (if it has a tick beside your website address, you know it is verified) and the analytics are available in the drop down menu under your name on the top right.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

1. Most Recent Pins

This refers to the most recent pins that have been pinned from your website. You can see this even if your Pinterest account has not been verified by replacing my domain name with your own This option provides you with evidence of all those who have pinned from your website. Not only does it tell you how popular your images, blog posts or products are but it tells you who pinned it and the name of the board. You can then check out the pinner’s boards and decide if you wish to follow them. If they have pinned from your website because they found it useful or the images beautiful, they are likely to follow you back.

2. Most Clicked

I use Google analytics to determine the number of click throughs to my website from Pinterest but ‘Most Clicked’ can be handy for this too. Understanding Pinterest Analytics

You can export the data (remember to click the date on the top left to choose one day, last 7 days or last 14 days) and it will be presented to you in an excel document. Repins are one thing but the clicks through to the website, which are one step closer to making a sale, are more important.

3. Most Repinned

This provides a visual representation of all the pins that have been recently repinned. You can choose to see data from yesterday, the past 7 days or the past fortnight and it shows the pins that received the most repins during that time.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

To find out how many repins each pin has got, just click on the pin and you’ll see the number. However, that number refers to that pin, not to the number of repins that image has received (in various pins) across Pinterest. And it only refers to the number of repins within the time period specified in the drop down box on the left.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

It’s a convenient way to assess which are your most popular pins as well as working out which are the most successful boards (for example, if you pin the same image to a couple of group boards and one of your own).

Tailwind Analytics

I do like Tailwind Analytics, some of the analytical information is free and some requires a monthly subscription. However they do offer a free trial so do avail of it and see what you think.

Here’s my three favourite options from Tailwind:

1. Your Profile

At a glance, you can see how your Pinterest account is performing over the last 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.



I can see how my followers are growing but more importantly, I can see that my engagement score is down a little but over 90% of my pins have been repinned at least once. My virality score, which refers to the average number of repins per pin has improved so that is going in the right direction. It’s very easy to see a snapshot of your account at a glance.

2. Peak Days and Times

This is useful as it tells me when I ‘naturally’ seem to pin most and what would actually be the best time and day to pin.

Understanding PInterest Analytics I pin mostly on Mondays, probably because I usually write a blog post then and always pin my own posts. However, Thursday is a slack day so I need to schedule some pins for Thursdays.  I also need to schedule some pins for late in the evenings around 10pm.

Pinterest Tutorial – How to schedule your pins with Viraltag

3. Trending Pins

A snapshot of my most popular repinned pins is available under ‘Trending Pins’ and within that I can see just how many people have repinned it and who they are.  It’s a handy way to find relevant people to follow – relevant in that they already have an interest in your material and this provides a way to engage with them further.

The little number beside each avatar tells you how many times they have pinned / repinned from your website in the last few days.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

These tools will help you to analyse how Pinterest is working for your business and how you can improve some of your images if you compare the images that get lots of repins and clicks with those that aren’t performing so well.

I hope you find this helpful – do ask in the comments if you have any questions.

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  • Mr. McLovin

    Great post start off the month! Looking forward to following all of your letters on social media. :-) If you enjoy cooking, I will be covering cooking ingredients this month.

    Happy Blogging,


    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thank you :)

  • Shonna Slayton

    Let’s hear it for the “A” blogs! Thanks for this information on Pinterest. I started using Pinterest a few months ago and am having such fun. I’ve not done much with the analytics, but I resolve to go pin my blog today and check out analytics.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Yes, if you have a business (or a book to sell) it’s a good idea to know how well it is working for you so you can continue to ‘work it well’ as well as enjoy it for fun.

  • Melissa

    Wonderful post, Lorna! Not only are we honored to be mentioned, you also had some great insights on how to take advantage of Pinterest’s analytics too!

    If you ever need any help, have suggestions, questions, comments – anything! – please feel free to reach out at We love hearing from savvy users like you :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thanks Melissa – will do :)

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