Time to Re-Arrange Your Pinterest Boards

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Now that autumn is well and truly upon us, it may be time to re-arrange your Pinterest boards.

Why Re-arrange your Pinterest Boards?

1. It all depends on what your business is. If you have ‘seasonal’ boards, then it’s a good idea to move your ‘summer-related’ boards to the bottom of the page and your Hallow’een/autumnal ones to the top line with the Christmas-related boards visible.

Re-Arranging Pinterest Boards

2.. I have seen Christmas boards still at the top of the page in March so don’t make that mistake.

3. Your followers may visit your ‘Boards page’ and it’s good to show them that your pins and boards are changing too and that you are being creative with your boards.

4. My pinterest board page is becoming very full and varied (partly because I’m running 2 businesses. Why don’t I have two pinterest accounts? Perhaps I should but I just don’t have the time to be signing in and out of different pinterest accounts at the moment so am sticking with it for now).

I’ve noticed that people are following selected boards rather than following all e.g. some will follow my social media boards, others will follow selected  Interiors or Irish boards. Hence, I have re-arranged my boards to make it easier for them with the social media/pinterest/blogging boards to one side of the top of the page and other related boards to the other side.

If you are wondering how to re-arrange your boards, see our post ‘How to Re-arrange your Pinterest boards‘.

Don’t Forget to Change  Cover Images Too

It can be worthwhile changing your cover images too if you have set them for various boards – change them to those of more recent pins (more seasonal ones too if relevant)

See our post ‘ How to Set Your Cover Images on your Pinterest Boards’

Have you changed your boards around since you started using Pinterest? What do you think of my reasons for doing so?

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