SEO Benefits from Pinterest

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If you have been persuaded to start using pinterest by our posts this week, you may be interested to hear about how it can improve the SEO of your website. This post by Jeff Baer explains it very well but I’ll summarise it here too.

The pin / image,  as well as the link within the description if you have one, works as an effective link to your site. Google recognises it as a link so it provides your website with more good SEO juice.

That’s the good news. Pinterest will increase the brand awareness of your product or service and reward you with improved SEO. The bad news is that once some businesses are loading thousands of images onto it (and they are starting already) or affiliate marketing takes off in a big way, the links will probably change to no follow links which means the SEO benefits will be lost.

However, just because the ‘big boys’ are now utilising pinterest, it doesn’t means that small and/or medium businesses like yours or mine won’t benefit from Pinterest. In fact, pinterest is perfect for increasing your brand awareness and as it can be used in conjunction with facebook and twitter, it gives double benefits in a way.  From seeing your pictures, viewers will gain a much better sense (in seconds) of what your business offers and it will establish your brand.

Others are starting to copy Pinterest already – it remains to be seen if Pinterest will remain the front runner.  I also wonder how long it will be before Pinterest is bought by a company such as Google.  Apart from creating fabulous eye candy, it will be an interesting one to watch.

We’ll be answering your Pinterest questions in tomorrow’s post so if you do have any more questions, do ask them in a comment below or on our facebook page.

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  • kellycarson90

    This has been a really great series of posts – thanks for explaining things so well. I have a question and it’s one I have seen mentioned quite a bit in various online forums this week – is there an issue with copyright when using Pinterest. I am a photographer and thought I would set up an account but I would be worried about copyright. Thanks

    • Lorna

      Thanks for that Kelly, yes copyright is a huge issue with Pinterest and we’ve been asked quite a lot about it. Marie is going to explain about it all in tomorrow’s post :)

  • sharonnolan19

    Hi Lorna, this has been a very helpful overview of Pinterest – I can’t wait to get started. Could you send an invite to me please?

    • Lorna

      Glad to hear that Sharon, sending you the invite now :)

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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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