LinkedIN Endorsements: A Follow Up

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A comment by Brendan Cullen of Survey Guru on my post on the latest LinkedIN endorsements feature got me thinking. Here’s what Brendan had to say:

Well what are people looking for from it? Personally I want it to signify people’s true expertise in particular areas. It’ll provide that only so long as it’s based on merit and not just people playing the numbers game…

Brendan makes a very valid point and I’d like to address it in this follow up post today.

I certainly see the potential for abuse of this new feature – human nature and  examples like Klout suggests this could quickly become a quid pro quo arrangement and therefore largely devalued. However, it’s here and it’s staying for now, so how should we prepare for it?

I wrote my previous post for LinkedIN users to think about how they should highlight their skills and expertise. So many users have incomplete profiles and this seems like a good opportunity to complete them more thoroughly. Maybe it’s time to add more skills, or cull some of those you have listed. I am also finding the endorsements feature is a way to re-connect with other LinkedIN users who I may not have connected with online for some time – sending them emails to thank them for their endorsement and in one case making an arrangement to meet for coffee.

In conclusion, I think so long as we don’t get too caught up in making this a LinkedIN strategy, I am happy to embrace it for now. How about you? Do you think it is pretty meaningless overall or can you see some value to LinkedIN endorsements?



Marie Ennis-O’Connor BA, MIAPR, holds an Honours degree in History from University College Dublin. She is a graduate of the Irish Academy of Public Relations and has worked in a variety of PR roles over the past 12 years. Marie is editor of several award-winning blogs ranging from life sciences to health to business. She is a panel member of the newly established Bloggers International and is a regular contributor to Health Works Collective, an online community for thought leaders in international healthcare. She is a featured blogger on Webicina, an online service that provides curated medical social media resources in over 80 medical topics and over 17 languages, and has been awarded a top blogger accolade by Empowered and most inspiring writer by WegoHealth. Marie is also in demand as a trainer in social media marketing and travels the country teaching small business owners how to get online and maximise their online presence.

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  • Annmarie Miles

    Hi Lorna
    to be honest I was a bit embarressed when i saw them pop up on my profile (not that I have tons of them), so thanks for both articles as it makes a bit more sense.
    I’m not sure about them. I won’t be ‘auto-endorsing’ back if that’s all this is about.
    But if it is a genuine tool for connections and networking (and of course, encouragement) then I’m all for it. But I’m cautious about it at the mo… :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      I think it will work well for endorsing those you know do a good job but yet they may not have supplied their services to you for one reason or another so the opportunity hasn’t been there to write a full recommendation. At least, that’s what I’ve been using them for :) Lorna

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