How To Hyperlink Within A Blog Post

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I recently received an enquiry from a newbie blogger ‘How do I include a link in a blog post?’ She had been pasting in the long link which can look very cumbersome particularly if it is to a blog post and knew there was another way to do it.  So for anyone who is wondering how to create a hyperlink – this is for you.

First type the words that you wish to link from – e.g. you can contact us here. Then using your mouse, hold the cursor over the selected words until they turn blue (as in the picture below)

Then click the button above that looks like the link in a chain, (top arrow in picture below). A box will open.

The top arrow indicates the link button that you will have clicked. You will paste or write in the url of the page you are linking too.  You can add in the title (not essential) and as indicated by the fourth arrow, always click the little box beside ‘Open link in a new window/tab’ and then click ‘Add Link’.

That’s it – you’re done.

Why do you click that little box so the link opens in a new window/tab? Because if it is not clicked, your page will disappear to be replaced by the page you linked to. You don’t want people to leave your page/website so by clicking this box, the new page will open as a new tab on their browser.

I hope that helps.  One question for you – was this easy to understand laid out in two pictures with a written explanation or would a short video have been easier to follow?  Just wondering which format we should use for this series of blog posts.

If you do want help with any aspect of your blog writing, do get in contact with Marie or I.

Regards, Lorna

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  • rachelryan76

    Thanks for this Lorna – very clear and concise – I haven’t started my blog yet but intend to do it soon and so I am saving all these great how to blog tips til then

    • Lorna

      Thanks for that feedback Rachel and if you have any questions for our Friday posts, do get in contact too.

  • justinecarty

    Very helpful blog thank you

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