Find It Friday! Your Blogging Questions Answered

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Welcome to the first Find It Friday in which we help you find the answers to your how to blog questions. 

The Question

This week Aine Casey asks us how often should you blog?

The Answer

The simple fact is that the more posts that you create on your blog, the more pages search engine crawlers have to index and the more frequently you post, the more frequently the crawlers will return, and the more your blog will increase in page rank.

But, as Aine has indicated to us, she is concerned about the time commitment of a frequent blogging schedule. And yes,  it won’t suit everyone. You may become overwhelmed by the need to post frequently, lose the momentum and lose interest in the blog – and this will be reflected in your posts when you do write. There is also the danger that readers may become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you are churning out.

So what’s the solution?

  • Try alternating your posts between short daily ones, which readers may dip into (Chris Brogan is a master of this style) and more detailed, informative posts once a week, fortnight, or even once a month.  The key is to establish a regular routine that works for you and is one your readers can rely on.
  • Set aside one day a week to write your blog posts for the coming week and then schedule them to publish on your selected days. You may well find that once you start writing, you will get in the flow of producing content. Creating an editorial calendar for your blog is a very useful support (we will cover this topic in a future post).
  • Inviting guest bloggers to your site can ease the pressure of blogging for you while adding some variety to your voice.
  • As for writing fatigue, we can honestly say we don’t experience it and that is because we are passionate about what we write about (another key to successful blogging), and have lots of information we want to share with readers.

So how often should you post content to your blog?

Well the answer lies in what you want to achieve. If you want a higher search engine rank and an active engaged community, then post as frequently as you can manage without losing interest and momentum. Involve good guest bloggers to lighten your load and add interest. (A good rule of thumb is to blog 3 times a week).

Above all, find your passion – for when you are passionate about your subject, you will find that you want to communicate that passion with your readers on a regular basis.

Do you have a question on how to blog effectively?

Leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you find the answer.

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Marie Ennis-O’Connor BA, MIAPR, holds an Honours degree in History from University College Dublin. She is a graduate of the Irish Academy of Public Relations and has worked in a variety of PR roles over the past 12 years. Marie is editor of several award-winning blogs ranging from life sciences to health to business. She is a panel member of the newly established Bloggers International and is a regular contributor to Health Works Collective, an online community for thought leaders in international healthcare. She is a featured blogger on Webicina, an online service that provides curated medical social media resources in over 80 medical topics and over 17 languages, and has been awarded a top blogger accolade by Empowered and most inspiring writer by WegoHealth. Marie is also in demand as a trainer in social media marketing and travels the country teaching small business owners how to get online and maximise their online presence.

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  • Aine Casey

    Thank you so much for answering my question so comprehensively! I have lots more questions I would like answered, but for now I will let someone else have a turn ;-)

    • Marie

      It’s a question we get asked many times Aine so it was good to have the opportunity to answer it here for you and others.

  • speltforchoiceblog

    Yep I can totally relate to Aine’s frustration. Trying to find my schedule has really been difficult to get right. I’ve started adopting these tips on my own blog. For myself not being so insular by having my blog devoted to just recipes has opened me up to express my true passion about food so hopefully my followers and newcomers will enjoy the enhancement. I’m aiming for 3 a week not sure if that’s any help to Aine or anyone else.

    I know Write on Track has done a post on the Google Keyword Tool but when I hear a lot about SEO – what else will help once we’ve put these two in place?

    Oh by the way thanks for the above post as it can be an easy guide to look back on for reference.

    • Lorna

      Once the keyword tool is being used and you are writing good content, the other way to get more traffic is to become part of a community and comment on other blogs which can take considerable time but gives lots of rewards besides more traffic.
      Many thanks for your comment Marian and 2/3 a week is a good number to aim for.

    • Marie

      Hi Marian, thanks for stopping by and for your comment and question which we will come back to for you later.

  • Móna Wise

    Great piece ladies. I think that this is one of those questions that has many answers. I have blogged thrice weekly all the way to once monthly and all get varied responses. I am finding that as long as your content is good the readers return to enjoy the stories. I think, if you pigeon hole yourself into a schedule and then can’t commit to it you end up feeling guilty and feell obliged to do a blog ‘apology’ for not blogging…..I just go with the flow theses days. I try for once a week but feel no pressure to blog if it is not a story fighting to be told.

    • Lorna

      I agree Mona, yes, it does have many answers and I always think – don’t apologise! Having said that, I think business blogs need a certain consistency to maintain credibility and trust which isn’t always easy to achieve. For personal blogs – yes, as long as your content is good and you are normally inconsistent (if you know what I mean), that works fine too.

    • Marie

      Thanks for the comment Mona and I guess it comes back to the point I made in this post – it all depends on what you want to achieve with your blogging ;-)

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