How To Influence Your Target Market Using Facebook

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How to influence your target market using Facebook Do your social media platforms influence your target market? Do they have the intended influence that you want? Are they delivering what your fans and followers expect from you?

Or are you sending mixed messages? Are your target customers confused which can translate into lack of trust and confidence?

I attended an ‘Influence Mastery’ conference by Owen Fitzpatrick last week. There was lots of content on motivating people, negotiating successfully, telling stories and more. One point that Margaret Considine made during the negotiation training was that in preparing for the meeting, consider how you want them to feel during and after the negotiation. That includes do you want them to like you, do you want them to feel confident, do you want them to feel in control, do you want them to feel they got a good deal from the negotiation (as you walk away happy too)?

The emphasis on ‘how you want them to feel’ comes into all our business communication. We want our target customers to feel happy and confident using our products or services, we want to show them what their lives will be like in the future if they use our products / services and we want them to like us. Liking us is particularly important as people do more business with those they like and they will believe you if they trust you too.

How To Influence Your Target Market Using Facebook

I’m going to use Facebook as an example as it’s been getting some bad press lately with some businesses dissatisfied with their reduced reach. The thing is – if you can provide content that people expect from you, they will engage.

First of all, you have to work out how you want them to feel when they see updates from you or visit your Facebook page. Do you want them to feel inspired, motivated, informed, educated, amused, sad or entertained? You need to decide on that and then work out if your updates fit with that mood creation.

Creating Nostalgia

Felicity Hayes-McCoy frequently uses a quote from her book, a link to where it can be purchased and a beautiful photograph from Dingle (where her book is set) as updates on her Facebook page and it works a treat.

How to use facebook to influence your fans

They always get good engagement, demonstrating that her fans want to enjoy the feelings of nostalgia, of retreating to a place of peace from the rush of city life as well as admiring the scenery. These are exactly the feelings that are invoked in readers of her book The House on an Irish Hillside too so she is targeting her readers perfectly.

Always Creative & Helpful

I like the way Glenisk Organic shows us what is going on behind the scenes, such as their team members training for the Mini Marathan and support Marie Keating Foundation but I particularly like how they share different ideas for using their products. Not only do they share their own ideas, they share ideas sent in by users too – whether published on their blogs or emailed to them.

How to inform your fans of new products

Fans of Glenisk know that the Facebook page will provide friendly information on how best to use their products. They are currently launching a new product and are using social media to answer queries and raise awareness too.

Humour within Realism

I am far from being a comedian but my farming books contain tongue-in-cheek humour, yes, there is a sense of realism but it’s very much with a glass half full approach along with a pinch of salt. Therefore, the majority of my Facebook updates for my Irish Farmerette page are in a similar spirit – showing the reality of being a woman in farming with some humour. My followers have grown to expect that and react appropriately.

How to use humour on facebook

The idea of wearing bright pink wellies on the farm got a good response – from women who either loved them or were amused at the idea. My average reach per update is usually about 400 (the page has 900 fans) and as you can see, this one reached 1700.


Magnumlady, a personal photography blogger, takes beautiful landscape photographs. I just know when I see her updates that I am going to be awestruck by the beauty and majesty of the landscape in her photos, whether of ruined houses, barren fields or cityscapes are featured.

How to influence your target market using Facebook

It is the multiplicity of beautiful photographs that serve to showcase her skill and talent. Not only am I impressed by her photography but it compels me to want to visit Sligo all the more too.


Amanda at Spiderworking provides key information on social media, particularly on handy social media tools. Not only does this show her expertise and personality but her followers have confidence in her knowledge and her training abilities.

How to help others have confidence in your expertise

How do you want your followers to feel when they see your updates, visit your page or follow you on other platforms? Are you providing the right kind of content / message to influence those feelings? I’d love to hear what you think.

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