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How To Win With The Web

We have both mentioned the benefits of blogging in the past which include improved SEO, increase brand awareness and as a method to gain free press coverage. I also find that things seem to happen in threes and I’ve recently

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As with all social media tools, there are written and unwritten rules as to how you use them. Pinterest isn’t any different and we’ve come up with our suggestions to ensure you know what you’re doing when you go to

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Pinterest Explained

Have you decided that it has become a case of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ with regard to Pinterest but you’re a tad baffled by it?  Here’s an explanation of many of the Pinterest terminology. Pin – A

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Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?

Is Pinterest becoming King of the social media platforms? Have you seen reports that pinterest is surpassing other social media platforms, including facebook, for driving traffic to various websites? Indeed, on checking my own google analytics last week, I discovered that traffic

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Write on Track through to finals of 2012 Social Media Awards

We are thrilled to have made it through the shortlist to be in the finals of this year’s Social Media Awards, which takes place on 17th May, at the Mansion House, Dublin.  As Lorna wrote recently: When you work hard

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Blogging for Success: Interview 2 – Margaret of Oldfarm

Blogging For Success Series – Interview 2 This week, as part of our ‘Blogging for Success’ series, we are interviewing Margaret from Oldfarm, a small family business that is selling their pork very successfully through their social media platforms. I

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Gaining Press Coverage & Entering Awards

I posted some time ago about some of the additional benefits of applying for awards and doing well in them. Even if you don’t win the final prize, you can receive significant free press coverage from even just being nominated.

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Top Tips – Getting Free PR From Your Blog


How can your blog work more effectively to generate more credibility, more brand awareness and more sales for your business? Yes, we all know blogging delivers in terms of improving your website’s search engine optimisation and thereby, improving the ranking

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Calling All Irish Furniture, Gift & Interiors Businesses

If you are an interiors, gift or furniture business based in Ireland, you may be interested in this competition that will ensure that more of your target market will view your products. House and Home magazine have launched a ‘Pick

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Why Entering Awards is Good For Business

One of the best ways for getting excellent (and free) publicity for your business is do apply for and reach the short list, runner-up or first place in any awards.  Some months ago, I posted an article on the publicity

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Buy 365 Social Media Tips on Amazon
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Learn How To Use Pinterest

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