Giveaway – The Cheese Mall: Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur

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Two little mice, an idea, expert knowledge about marketing and that was all Bernie Tracey needed to create her book The Cheese Mall: Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur.  Bernie Tracey has many years experience training SMEs and corporate businesses in business management and marketing.

This post is the sixth post of six in a virtual book tour and each blogger has expressed their surprise and amazement regarding Bernie’s ability to take what is quite a complicated concept and make it appear easy in a step-by-step approach as two mice named Millie and Matthew write their own business plan. As stated by Fergal Quinn, this book demystifies marketing and business jargon.

Bernie had the idea to continue the story of Millie and Matthew’s venture in a blog along with a facebook page and a twitter account.  Not only would the social media platforms serve to publicise the book, they would also share more marketing and business tips with the readers as the mice complete their first year in business experiencing many realistic ups and downs. As one reviewer once wrote, one could be forgiven for thinking the mice are real and that’s the beauty of it – suspend your disbelief just as you do when watching cartoons or an animated movie and enjoy their story, their experiences and I think many business people with empathise with them too.  Millie is usually the one who blogs and who engages on social media and she readily shares her anxieties about public speaking, business weaknesses and time management with the readers as well as celebrating other young entrepreneurs and their achievements.  Do pour yourself a cup of tea and head over to read their blog (after you have entered the competition below!)

Bernie is planning more books in the Cheese Mall series so we will be able to enjoy the adventures of Millie and Matthew for some time yet.  I can see them being featured in their own little television series sometime if a producer comes across them!

We are hosting a competition for a copy of The Cheese Mall: Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur – an essential tool for start up businesses and also essential for those in business for some time as each time you dip into it, it will remind you of something both useful and crucial!

To enter the competition, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us a little about your writing of  a business plan. Did you write one? Did you ever revisit it? Is it abandoned or is it a happily dog-eared and much scribbled on and re-written document?  The winner will be drawn at random next Monday.

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  • Mairéad Kelly

    I wrote a business plan then showed it to an accountant friend to look over. After she asked some very pertinent questions about the finances I edited it. My “business plan” is now a set of goal that I have broken down into 3 month sections with a 12-weeks step by step action plan and I continually work on that. I also teach this method to the Mumpreneurs who do my Cute Honey Hive training.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      I think that is part of the ‘secret’ Mairead, step by step action plans built in and sticking to it!

  • Marian Hearne

    Tony and myself have been working on a business plan for most of this year. The most important thing we’ve been told is to ensure it doesn’t take so much out of us that we throw it in the corner and forget about it once we get funding. We have made it very simple and short and as such are looking forward to using it to guide us as we start our first year in business. Doing it like this has increased out excitement to begin, finally, and realise our dream. This book would be ideal for us in our first year of our business as if it’s so simple it’ll be ideal for us to grasp the basics to hopefully ensure that we set the foundations to bring us success in the years that follow. By the way I’ve read some of their blog articles and if they are anything to go by this book will be a treasure trove of tips.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      It is indeed Marian, good luck in the draw :)

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Well done Marian,

      Kate pulled your name out of the hat so we’ll ask Bernie to post a copy of The Cheese Mall off to you :)

  • Madeleine Forrest

    I wrote my business plan for the Tea Rooms in May of this year,I will revisit it at Christmas,the venture has been a learning opportunity.Looking forward to reading The Cheese Mall!

  • C. Ryan

    Ah I missed the draw,, but I will purchase the book – thanks for sharing the info

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