Your Aims for Writing your Business Blog

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Why write a blog for your business? Why are you thinking of starting a blog? Why have you started one? Is it because you enjoy writing? Or is it because you want to increase brand awareness and sales?

Every blogger should think about their aims and objectives regarding their blog.  Then, individual posts will each have their individual aims which means your writing will be much more focused as will your call to action.

If starting a new blog, it can be less daunting when you actually write down your aims and then think of topics and titles to fit those aims.

For example, with this Write on Track blog, Marie and I have aims for it which include:

  1. To increase brand awareness, to make more people aware of Write on Track
  2. To explain what we offer by showing  a taster e.g. blogging advice
  3. To show our passion for our subject area and our area of business
  4. To use it as a communication tool with potential customers
  5. To demonstrate our expertise, our knowledge and our personalities
  6. To enjoy blogging

With my Garrendenny Lane blog, my aims  include:

  1. Showcasing new products
  2. Taking part in a blogging community of those interested in interior design
  3. To improve the optimisation of my site
  4. To increase traffic
  5. To increase sales and brand awareness
  6. To show my areas of knowledge and expertise
  7. To enjoy it

Even though my Irish Farmerette blog is mostly a personal blog, I have aims for it too which include

  1. Serving as a historical record of Irish dairy farming for future generations
  2. Providing enjoyment for those who like to read about Irish farming
  3. Community – Using the blog to get to know other farmers using social media
  4. Promote how Irish beef, lamb and other foods are produced
  5. To enjoy recording my life as an Irish farmerette

If you make a list for the aims for your own blog, staying focused on those aims in the writing of individual posts becomes much easier, particularly if you try to include at least one objective in each blog post.

Have you written down the aims for your business blog? If not, let aside ten minutes and write them down now.  If you have any queries about business blogging, do get in touch with Marie or I.

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