Why your Business Needs a Blog

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Lorna Sixsmith

In today’s post, Write on Track partner Lorna Sixsmith shares her own experience of how setting up a blog on her interior design website, Garrendenny Lane, has led to increased traffic on her website.

Many people are sceptical of using social media to promote their business, many are nervous about starting to blog, afraid of writing, afraid of being judged for their writing.  However, keeping a blog for your business will help your business to succeed in the twenty-first century.  I’m going to outline my experience of blogging and give you a few tips to get you started on your own business blog.  

I started an Interior Design business almost 4 years ago and having decided to set up a website, I heard that ‘blogging can be good for your website’. All I knew about blogging was that it was connected to your website and it involved writing so off I went to a one-night blogging course to find out what it was all about, asked my developer to integrate a blog into my website and there I was, blogging. I loved writing for my blog and I found it brought in a considerable volume of work especially in my first year of business.  

When I calculated approximately how much revenue my blog had brought in during the first year, it worked out to be about 40%.  How did I know this? – well, I asked people when they got in contact.  (You can read the story about my first year of blogging in an interview on the Irish Internet Association website).

How did that happen?

Well, if someone is looking for a particular product and they use a keyword that I have used in a blog post, there is a much higher chance that it will come up on the first page of Google than if it is used within the website, partly because it is seen as being of recently updated content which Google likes. 

I continue to write blog posts for my Interiors online store  and find that it does indeed bring significant traffic to my website. 

If you are thinking of starting a blog for your business, here’s a summary of some of the reasons why your business will benefit from having a blog: 

  • A blog provides your website with regularly updated content which the search engines like and hence, it is much more likely to feature much more highly in google rankings.
  • Your blog posts will showcase your expertise, hence, you will be viewed as an expert in your field.  It will help you to stand out from your competitors.
  • Showing photographs of your work or your products will provide readers with up to date progress of the high standards that your company adheres to.
  • You can communicate with customers through the comment feature on the blog and this will emphasise the personal, friendly and approachable ethos of your company. Good customer service is now king and your blog can showcase how well you treat your customers.  Customers are more likely to purchase if they feel they ‘know’ the people within the company.
  • A good blog post can be widely shared on face book and twitter, hence many more people will become aware of your brand.
  • Google Adwords can be expensive and a blog can include those highly searched keywords that will drive traffic to your site.  
  • A blog is a cost-effective means to make more people aware of your company and your brand, to get more people to your website to see your products and your work and ultimately result in more leads and more sales.

If you have decided that yes, your business does need a blog and you need help, do get in contact with us at Write on Track.


Marie Ennis-O’Connor BA, MIAPR, holds an Honours degree in History from University College Dublin. She is a graduate of the Irish Academy of Public Relations and has worked in a variety of PR roles over the past 12 years. Marie is editor of several award-winning blogs ranging from life sciences to health to business. She is a panel member of the newly established Bloggers International and is a regular contributor to Health Works Collective, an online community for thought leaders in international healthcare. She is a featured blogger on Webicina, an online service that provides curated medical social media resources in over 80 medical topics and over 17 languages, and has been awarded a top blogger accolade by Empowered Doctor.com and most inspiring writer by WegoHealth. Marie is also in demand as a trainer in social media marketing and travels the country teaching small business owners how to get online and maximise their online presence.

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  • paula sheridan

    So well put Lorna – as usual! Goes to show that the discipline and confidence of blogging really does have a positive effect on business. There is definitely a confidence factor in putting your words up on the net that you hope will be read by many – perhaps your potential clients might like to have their blogs reviewed and get constructive feedback and advise. Best of luck to yourself and Marie – your joint venture is a great idea!

    • http://www.garrendennylane.ie/blog Lorna – Garrendenny Lane

      Many thanks for your lovely comment Paula, yes, that is part of the service we will be offering – if business people require mentoring/help with starting up a blog post, we can offer advice, constructive feedback etc. We can do as much or as little as they require and it is all very exciting :)

  • http://www.spiderworking.com Amanda Webb

    Great post Lorna,

    I know a lot of people who haven’t got around to blogging, they feel like they should but either haven’t started or aren’t doing it regularly enough to see the benefits. I do think when you start you should commit to it for at least 3 months. It can take a little while to start seeing results but after 3 months of consistent weekly blogging you will see a difference to your site traffic.

    When I first set up Spiderworking.com I did no SEO on the site. All I did was blog and I saw traffic almost immediately. I also started ranking on page one of Google for ‘social networking Ireland’ and ‘social media Ireland’. This was almost immediate although I have to attribute some of this to my other social media activities. My blog still attracts most of the traffic to my blog and writing it means I’m always learning and improving my own knowledge and skills.

    For anyone in Ireland wanting to start a blog we’re concentrating on taking the first step and conquering writers block at the next KLCK Bloggers Network. It’s in Carlow and all are welcome. More here: http://on.fb.me/prHz2O (hope you don’t mind me plugging this here but it’s free and I think it will really help anyone who needs that extra push)

  • http://www.garrendennylane.ie/blog Lorna – Garrendenny Lane

    Thanks Amanda, I couldn’t believe the response to my first blog especially as I knew next to nothing about SEO, the keyword research tool etc. (Mind you, I did get some non-business related enquiries too such as did I have a particular breed of pig after a post on my kids visiting some miniature pot bellieds!).
    I agree, you have to give it at least 3 months to see a result and I think that is the case with all social media. I found the blog got the site to a certain level and then twitter and facebook helped it to increase further.
    I will do a post on KLCK next week :)

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  • http://www.smartandbetter.co.il Brigida

    Wonderful points. I love the content, and I will definitely be

    • http://irishfarmerette.com Lorna

      Thanks Brigida, glad to hear you found it useful, :)

      Regards, Lorna

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407180341 Esmeralda

    Thanks Tommy, everyone relaly enjoyed your talk and engaged with what you were saying. From the teenagers there to a teacher who will be getting her new Transition year students to blog for the year to those of us who are parents and wondering how we encourage our kids to start one. Your talk was relaly relaxed, easy to follow and all of your points had personal examples to explain them, you’re a great presenter and digital storyteller’. We were all impressed how you handled the heavy criticism from the CYTI post.Well done and we’d love to get you again sometime before you starting charging huge money to come and present! ;-) glad to hear work experience went well, Lorna

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