Takeaways from Border Bizcamp 2015

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I love speaking at conferences. I enjoy preparing my talk and putting the slides together. I like checking out the room and the atmosphere beforehand so I feel prepared. I enjoy listening to the other speakers. I love the adrenalin rush of butterflies before my talk starts, I enjoy answering questions during the Q & A and I always relish when people come up to talk to me afterwards.

border biz camp

I was delighted to be asked to speak at Border Bizcamp in Co.Monaghan last weekend. One of 22 speakers, I was honoured to be included.  The 140 attendees could choose from the three talks on offer every 40 minutes. Speakers were kept to a speaking time of 20 minutes, 10 minutes for questions and a ten minute break for chatting and moving around before the next talk. It was efficiently organised with a really convivial atmosphere. Between networking, delivering my own talk, arriving late and chatting to an author I met there, I found it to be a busy and enterprising day and I was delighted with the almost full room for my talk.



Here are some tips from three of the talks.

Inspirational TakeAways From 3 Speakers from Border Bizcamp 2015

Chris Brogan (presented via Skype)

‘Mass Personalisation Not Mass Production’. Brogan argued that as social media gives us the means to connect with people, to chat, to answer their questions, there’s absolutely no excuses for not doing so. People want to do business with companies that talk to them, who smile at them, who are friendly and helpful. As he said, spend more time on Twitter Search than chatting and see if people are tweeting about problems that you can solve. That makes it easy to be personable and helpful and therefore will help you grow your business. Always remember that people want value, friendliness and a personal touch with their purchases.

Gareth Chambers of Scribbles Food

‘Better to say sorry than ask permission (particularly with regard to the banks)’. I loved this line as I’m a bit of a risk taker!

‘Believe your own hype until it is true’ – if you keep being positive and keep repeating it not only will you believe it but you will work towards the success. It makes success more likely too.

‘Stand up when having business meetings’ – they all stand around a central table when having a business meeting. I can see how this would make matters move along more swiftly, decisions would be made, activity would be more dynamic and then people would move away to get on with their individual work loads. It certainly seems to be a high energy and innovative company.

Mark Hurley of Zag Technologies

‘Stay away from people who are so negative, if they walked into a darkroom, they would start to develop’ – I totally agree with this, being around negative people just saps your energy whereas being with positive people is really energising.

‘Someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business’ – So many people are curtailed in business by worrying about what others might say about them. I particularly notice this in farming yet it can affect everyone at one time or another. If they think well of you, well and good but otherwise, ignore and move on.

‘Winners: Winners WORK, they have IDEAS, do things NOW not someday, NEVER quit, are ENERGETIC, REPEAT their successes and they SELL’ – if you can recognise some of your skills in this, you know you have potential to be a winner.

All of the speakers, but these three in particular, were hugely inspiring and positive. They spoke common sense, they shared how they had failed or made mistakes and then moved on. Their energy was infectious. Definitely a great day.

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Social media for foodies




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