My Introduction to DIGITAL Media

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It’s Day 4 of the #atozchallenge so it’s the turn of the letter D. My chosen word is ‘Digital’ and I thought I’d tell you about my introduction to digital media many moons ago. I had been teaching English in a comprehensive school in the UK and getting itchy feet, I applied for a teaching job in a nearby sixth form college teaching English and Media studies. It was September 2000 and the AS Levels had just been introduced so students were taking one or two extra subjects for the first year of their A Levels.  Media Studies turned out to be one of the most popular AS levels so teachers were in short supply. I ended up teaching mostly Media and Communication Studies and only one group of English!

D is for Digital Media

It was somewhat of a baptism of fire for me as I had very little knowledge of editing and even less of new technologies, being somewhat of a luddite at the time. Well, I still am, to an extent!  Of course, I tended up teaching New Technologies focusing on their effects on us as societies, whether TiVo was going to take off, how the global village was forming, the Playstation had just been launched and as has been the case since, the study of new technologies was really interesting.  Of course, this was before the days of blogging and twitter and I never imagined I would end up embracing them with so much enthusiasm.

I first started using social media myself in January 2008. I had started a new business and having heard that blogging was a good way to get traffic to my new website, I decided to get my web developers to add a blog.  I loved writing and connecting with other interior design bloggers. I didn’t know anything about hyperlinks or calls to action and it was a case of learning as I went along but when my business was featured on a national newspaper because a journalist contacted me having found my blog, I was sold! Social media was going to save me wondering where to find the money for an advertising budget! Twitter followed in March 2009 and I set up a facebook page during the summer.

What about you? When did you embrace digital technology and social media?

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  • Shonna Slayton

    I came over to see if you found a way to do photos for D (I am the C-cactus photo blogger ;)

    I braved the internet for the first time a few years ago with two other writer friends when we started a blog at We figured if we were in it together, we’d be more motivated to try new things and be more consistent. It was a great way to get started.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Not yet – have to admit my ‘D’ post was a short one. I’m doing #NaNoWriMo this month too, was starting my second book on 1st April so it seemed a good idea when I heard the camp was running!! A busy month.
      Great idea to do a blog together to start up.

  • Dee Sewell

    Enjoyed your story Lorna and would hardly call you a digital Luddite! You’re an inspiration to many of us. I began in 2009 but at a much slower pace I think.

    • Lorna Sixsmith

      Thanks Dee – I’m not the best with some gadgets or finding my way around the html back end of a website – prefer the more sociable aspect :)

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