Increase Traffic to Your Blog with the All In One SEO plug in

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The All In One SEO plug in is a great tool for improving the search engine optimisation of your blog. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on the blogs, which is another reason to use the and self-host your blog.

What is the  All In One SEO plug in?

It is a free plug in that is easy to install on your self hosted wordpress blog. Once you have finished writing your blog post, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the 3 sections.  This will improve the visibility of your blog post within the search engines.

How does the All In One SEO plug in work?

1. The title doesn’t need to be the same as your blog post title, however, it should contain the relevant keywords and as it will be visible on the search pages, it should be enticing to searchers. It is best to limit it to 60 characters.

How to use the All in One SEO plug in

2. The description is a short paragraph and should be limited to 160 characters. This is also called the meta description – this is the paragraph that searchers will see so it needs to include a call to action, it needs to hook them in and persuade them to click it and come to your page.

3. The keywords are those keywords that you have decided to use within the blog post, based on your topic and on your research using the google keyword research tool.  Separate each keyword with a comma.

Using the All in One SEO plugin only takes an extra minute and will benefit your blog with improved search engine optimisation. Do like our Write On Track page on Facebook for more handy tips on improving your blogging for your business.

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